What are your favorite dies ?

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  1. ktmboyz

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    Sorry if this has been posted before, I looked back for quite a few pages and didn't see much.

    What is your favorite brand of dies and why ? I have been reading and of coarse every manufacturer says theirs are the best so who do you believe. I have all Lee things so far and have been impressed with quality and value for the money. I am not apposed to spending the money for a superior product if it is a worthy investment. I don't want to spend more just because someone says this brand is better and that one sucks. Thanks for your help :cool:
  2. bgeddes

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    Wilson - they come in many oddball calibers

  3. Dzscubie

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    Personally I like Dillon dies, they are high quality and to me just “feel” better and more solid than Lee or RCBB.

  4. jeepcreep927

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    For straight up dies without micrometer this- and - competition that, Redding gets my vote every time.
  5. JonM

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    i like the dillon dies they are very easy to adjust and dont have those skinny stems you find in redding and rcbs type dies. i also dont care for the lock nuts that they come with. the only problem with dillon is the lack of calibers.
  6. masterPsmith

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    I use mostly Dillon dies in all my conversion sets. Other than that I prefer the Hornady custom dies, then RCBS.

  7. Jake15

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    I really like Lee dies, mainly because there just as good, and most of the time better than RCBS or Hornady or dern near any other brands, and you can get the whole die set for almost half the cost of others. there real easy to adjust and if you get a case stuck in your sizer its easy to get out. The only thing I don't like about them is the locking ring
  8. mrm14

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    Redding and for the 300 Win. Mag. the Innovative Techonoligies die. For the 300 Win. Mag it's the belted cartrige thing that the Innovative Techonogies FL die shines over all others IME which is limited.
  9. TGReaper

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    What are your favorite dies

    I really don't have any favorite,I have Hornady,Dillon,RCBS,Lee.CH,and Lyman.
    Most of them are RCBS ( 8 of 15)
    They all work well,some are easier to look at some have good ideas ( Lee depriming)
    I can not say one is better than the other.

  10. Eric0424

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    I really don't have a favorite either, most of what I have is Lee, but it's mainly due to the price for what you get in the box, namely the Factory Crimp Dies. Although I do prefer Lee's lock rings. Didn't like them much at first, but when I decided to quit following the manual "finger tighten", started using a wrench I had to fabricate to tighten them, they're now easier to work with on my 4-hole turret press than the lock rings from Hornady, RCBS and who ever it is that uses the black hex with a brass screw lock ring. On a single stage press I probably wouldn't care, but there's not much room with four dies crammed in a 3" diameter turret.

    The Hornady and RCBS dies I have are much nicer to look at, but inside they all look the same through a 10x loupe. All have been working without any issues.
  11. therewolf

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    I also have an assortment of die brands, Lyman, Hornady, and RCBS. I have been told by a few very experienced reloaders

    that, for the most part, they are pretty much the same.

    Now, I really prefer my Dillon scale, because it's much more precise in the 0 to

    10 grain range.
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  12. cpttango30

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    My go to is RCBS. They are well made you can get an RCBS die in any caliber you want no matter what it is. Send them the specs or a case and they will make a die for it. Customer service is amazing.

    Hornady dies are a very close second. I like the way hornady deals with runout. The sliding portion of the seater dies works great IF you don't load when it is cold. If it gets too cold in your reloading room like it does in mine your good to go.

    I tried to buy dillon dies but they are just to expensive for me. I am not saying they aren't worth it but they are just too much for me to spend on dies.

    Wilson dies are great dies as are Redding dies. There is really only one type of dies I will not own Lee. To me they are much cheaper in quality than any other dies. That and I don't really like chrome unless it is on a car 78 or older.