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Down side, radar. You will be on it. After you get the licence, don't keep anything at the ffl address you can't loose in a heartbeat if the man chooses to raid you. Far fetched. 1500 guns, ammo, computers, and who knows what all was confiscated just a day or so ago from one licence holder.

The feds are funny people, they will do favors for one guy, and arrest someone else for little or nothing, just cause.
If the licence is at all connected to your home, in any way, walls, guns going back and forth, mailing a business letter from your home, or getting a business letter at your home, forwarding your business phone to your home phone, talking about guns at home, or on the phone at home, and everything in your home can be seized.

Ate lunch at your mother's house lately? Hope your mom won't miss all her stuff, or hope she can make bail.

I was an ffl holder, class 2. I had friends in the bureau. I also had people that did my books, that put the fear of god in me.

I never want another ffl. Not in this WWII SS government.
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