What AR15 you shoot? - CT AR15ers

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bf109, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. bf109

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    I wonder what CT (Connecticut) AR 15er shoot these days. As you know, CT is one of those "Ban State". I think the availability of legal AR 15 is limited.

    I'll buy my first factory-built AR 15 soon but am confused by the various configurations of AR 15 from different AR makers. After reading the threads on the forum, I narrowed down my choice to BCM, Noveske and LaRue OBR or PredaOBR. Any suggestions please?

  2. Sniper03

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    Yes Sir.

    You might also look at Rock River Arms, Daniel Defense and Stag. They make some fine rifles.


  3. drvsafe

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    I own a PWS MK114. It's a long stroke piston system (think AK47) but in an AR15 platform. It's NJ compliant from the factory as far as the muzzle break goes (14.5" barrel and PWS FSC556 compensator). I had the dealer pin the stock for me and swap out the 30 round mag for a 15 round however. Under $1500, quad rail, Magpul furniture and sights, BCM gunfighter charging handle, enhanced buffer tube, FSC556 comp, 5 QD mounts and it weighs a hair over 6.5 pounds! And she runs so cool and clean you can shoot 100 rounds and then swap out a bolt bare handed no heat or fouling gets transferred to the bcg.

    Proprietary? Yes, yes quite a bit. So I bought a complete extra bcg and bolt as spare. No bigs. It shoots great and is a flippin breeze to maintain as compared to my old Stag from back in the day.

    The best part at least for me is that as a left handed shooter I get hardly any gases expelled in my face as compared to a DI rifle.