What an Afghani parlimentarian lady said about guns (context)

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    I'm no big fan of Afghanistan, but this quote rang a little bell for me.

    "Women in Afghanistan can still be seen wearing burqas. But Koofi says advances have been made for women's rights in recent years. In some cases, it's as simple as putting on makeup and walking down city streets.

    But she fears that the rights of women and children could slowly be eroded, the "victims of political games," as she puts it. "I mean, they don't have a gun to fight [with], they cannot create a mess," Koofi said.

    That's a sentiment echoed by rights groups. "The reported new law on women's rights could be about to seriously undermine women's rights for millions of Afghanistan women," Amnesty International said in a statement."

    The quote came from this article: Afghanistan 'rape' law puts women's rights front and center - CNN.com

    Isn't it weird who agrees about "gun control" when they need a gun? Too bad the Quaran didn't have a second amendment-type clause, eh.

    Personally, i think down is a great direction for that entire region, as long as they don't take anybody down with them (unlikely).

    edit* I'm not bashing the Muslims; worship whatever you want; i don't care. I just found this an interesting example from afar of why that 2nd amendment is a good idea. Honestly, though, there are some chicks i'd rather not be able to see without a burka. ;)
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    What gets me, is where are the women's rights groups here in the US on this topic? Topic being basically sharia law and women's rights. I belive Rush calls them feminatzis.

    GWB said that, "Freedom is not America's gift to the world. It is God's gift to every human being."