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    Hello a friend of mine inherited his grandfather's Derringer Philadelphia. (One of the old do it yourself wood furniture models)

    I'm wondering what caps do you need for this gun? Should I only use black powder or can I use smokeless? How much powder? And what size round not sure if it says anything on it only picture I have.

    Any information would be very much appreciated thank you Snapchat-511928949.jpeg
  2. SSGN_Doc

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    I’ll start with:


    black powder and black powder substitutes burn at different rates than modern smokeless powder.

    Percussion caps are what you are looking for.

    Calibers can vary. You may want to consult with a gunsmith or experienced gun dealer who can gauge the bore.

  3. towboater

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    Probably a 36 cal. #11 CCI caps probably fit. I'd start with 15 grain of black powder or substitute.
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    I'd use 15 grains of FFFg black powder or black powder substitute, mike the bore to determine caliber, make sure there's nothing in the barrel and the nipple is secure and not cross-threaded. Obtain the correct round ball/patch combo and a ramrod long enough to seat the ball/patch all the way down the barrel. Load powder first, then the ball/patch.
    Pull hammer back to half-cock and place cap on nipple all the way down. Fully cock hammer.

    Hand it to someone else to shoot the first time. (kidding) Those little derringers are a hoot.
    Have fun !
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    As the folks have said- black powder only- or a black powder SUBSTITUTE such as pyrodex. #11 caps. If you look on the other side of the barrel, it will likely have a caliber, and the name of the barrel maker.

    Will bet you a hamburger it will say JUKAR and .45 caliber. The barrels were likely made in Spain. Get back to us on a caliber, we can suggest a powder load and a ball size.

    These are made to use a round lead ball, wrapped with a greased cloth patch. While you CAN buy a number of products for patching and grease, for your purposes a patch cut from an old cotton T shirt will work, and Crisco works fine for a patch grease.

    The two commandments of loading a firearm like this are simple- 1. NEVER use smokeless powder. 2. NEVER fire a gun that has a bullet with an air space between powder and bullet. Bullet must sit snugly against the powder. The Black Powder gods are jealous gods. Violate either of their 2 commandments, and they shall smite thee with a righteous vengeance (Sameuel L Jackson voiceover)
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    Expect a surprising lack of accuracy. The late President Lincoln was shot from less than two feet, I'm told, and even that was not a dead-centre hit.