What about target shooting?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Bobby, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Bobby

    Bobby Guest

    I know that target shooting is suppose to be safe and good training. But, I really get bored with it.

    What is your opinion of target shooting?

  2. Splatter

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    Almost all fireams shooting is "target shooting". If you want the bullet to hit some specified area (the target) , whether that is a deer's heart, the head of a squirrel or the bullseye of a paper target.

    If you mean target shooting at a recognized range, at printed targets, I think it is great, for what it is, shooting targets. It trains one in the basics of the use of the firearm.
    Plus I think it is entertaining in its own right.

  3. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 New Member

    You have to put something into it to make it interesting. I like to shoot at large "jaw breakers" on top of long golf tees. Targets that are sized to small animals, paint balls glued to targets or on gofl tees. Extra small targets, reactive targets and unusual targets break up the routine and add something extra.
    I always clean up anything that will not degrade easy.
  4. marmac

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    Hogan Alley

    I venture that Bobby is talking about something BEYOND paper targets. I hope that he is NOT talking about shooting people!! :cool: LOL!!

    However, I was thinking about a Hogan Alley practice range. I've seen it on TV, but does anyone here have knowledge of a public Hogan Alley place where you can go for a more "realistic" experience with your decision making as well as accuracy? I am sure that in larger cities there are Police ranges, but I can imagine someone who owns a shooting range and, if he is mechanically inclined, charging a pretty good price for someone to test themself and even have tournaments. Anyone out there with a few hundred thousand that you'd like to invest in building one? Any takers?? :rolleyes:

  5. msmurphy

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    Bobby, Target shooting is where we start. I'm trying to resolve a tumbling effect in a new handload now. My two targets (shot at 50ft.) told me the unwanted result. You may want to vary the types of paper targets you use. Animal shapes, orange dots of different sizes, etc. (Old muzzle loaders trick - fold a bullseye target in half vertically - only hits in the black count.) When I got bored shooting paper 50 years ago, I tried shooting thru LifeSavers mints with my 22. A miss became very evident. You may seem bored now, but "putting it on paper" is very much a part of our sport. I'm glad we still can go to a range and participate in the shooting experience.
  6. BLS33

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    I love going to the range and hitting the paper. But to me nothing is more fun then reactive targets, whether it is a water bottle or watermelon it is great fun.
  7. FALPhil

    FALPhil Member

    Tannerite rocks, too, but gets expensive in a hurry.
  8. sixgunner

    sixgunner New Member

    For me target shooting is the best part of my week. I get to clear my head. I can focus on a few things and see immediate results. Trust me if you can put 3 mags in the bullseye at 25' or better it is not boring. But you do need to challenge yourself. Keep striving to shoot well at greater distances & smaller targets. Also don't shoot alone when you can take a friend. Often I shoot with guys from work and then pride is on the line. If after all this you still find it boring then maybe you need to learn trick shooting, that should keep you bust for a bit!