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I was given this rig for Christmas last Thursday so I could do a quick load work up and hunt with it before this season is over down here. The the rig is an entry level rifle and scope a Marlin XL7 30-06 and the scope is a Redfield 4-12x40m. The rig weighs 7.9 pounds. Will be interesting later this spring to ring it out finding what it likes and does not like.

I found a hunting load for now since I have no more time to work with any more loads before the hunt with my grandson this coming week end here in South Mississippi and then the special hunt I have in south Louisiana Jan 6th - 9th. I loaded up 24 rounds of the following load for my final sight in and also to do the two deer hunts.

The load is 150gr TTSX, in front of 60grs RL-17, using Rem brass and Rem 9 1/2M primiers, moving on average 3009fps with a group size of .912".
I felt this was pretty good for only having 30 rounds through the rifle right now. After 200 rounds it should really be humming. My sight-in is 1.5" high at 100yds and zero is 200yds and is -6.8'" low at 300yds and with this load I have the added benefit of matching my Accu-Trac on my 4-12X40mm Redfield Revolution scope which I will verify this coming Thursday morning when it will be 43 degrees, no rain and a 5 mph ENE wind, which will hit me from my back at the bench blowing down range.

I will do more load work after my hunt in January, because of my work schedule and Christmas, plus the New Year will keep me from doing anything but my final sight in this Thursday to make sure I am where I want to be at 100yds and for my Accu-Trac settings.

group .912", 3009fps average
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