What a nice Tuesday morning...

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Franciscomv, Jun 30, 2009.

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    I like to get an early start, it's a country boy thing. I just love to start working at 5 am during the winter, when the sun isn't up yet and the city is peaceful. At around 6 the baker on the corner of my block has the first batch of warm croissants ready, I get them after walking my dog.

    Today I woke up at 4:30, showered and got ready to start working on a history lecture some friends asked me to give. It's basically a short overview of Argentina's independence process for a group of foreigners at an American NGO I've been working with for the past five or six years.

    So there I was, sitting in my comfy livingroom chair with a cup of freshly brewed Darjeeling and my pipe full of delicious Latakia, when my dog starts going nuts. I mean, he's always a bit nervous when people walk close to the door but he was barking and jumping around like crazy.

    A second later I hear two voices and a loud "crack" as two guys come crashing through my front door. I got VERY nervous and I can't really recall my exact moves after that, I just remember rushing to the livingroom door and hitting every bloody sharp corner on each and every piece of furniture on my way there. And moments later I was on the phone with my mother (criminal attorney, she was half a block away at my grandmother's house) while two guys where laying face down on the ground complaining about pepper spray and dog bites. For the life of me I can't remember grabbing that pepper spray can, I do remember unholstering my good old 686, though. :D

    My mother arrived, then the police came (she called them) and soon there were a few curious neighbours gathering around. One of them, who was clearly a little drunk, tried to talk the police sarge into cuffing me for holding his mates at gun point. He then tried to convince the other home owners that I was a menace, a dangerous maniac that could just start shooting people any time. Luckily this guy and I are the only young guys in the building, and my older neighbours didn't seem to think there was anything wrong about reacting to a home invasion.

    Turns out there had been a party at the drunk guys house, his friends were a bit drunk and stoned out of their minds. They were heading to the building's main door and stopped in front of mine (don't know why) when my dog started to bark they responded by shouting and charging the door (old and unlocked). Apparently the shiny .357 revolver that came out to greet them sobbered them up a bit.

    All the paperwork took a good 4-5 hours, the cops were really nice and took my statement at my house instead of taking me to the precinct. Having a well known lawyer there (most policemen in the city know my mother's work) certainly helped. But they also seemed tremendously relieved that there were no shots fired and just a couple of drunk idiots to take care of. When my neighbour complained they very politely explained that I could have legally shot them the second they crossed my threshold even if they were unarmed. I was asked if I wanted to testify against the guys, and I said I would (we can't drop charges in Argentina, but if you chose not to testify when you're the victim it all sort of goes away). I want the suckers to go to trial and get a nice "breaking and entering" line in their records. Not because they broke my door, which I was replacing later this week anyway, but because they put me in a horrible position that could very well have ended with somebody shot and me in the middle of a legal nightmare. :mad:

    Needless to say, this is NOT my favourite way to start a morning. I'm still very, very tense. I'm just thankfull that I wasn't sleeping when this happened, I'm afraid that I would have been so startled and scared that I'd have shot them just in case. And my dog is getting a nice juicy steak tonight, he might not be worth much in a fight (he's a small black labrador) but he certainly is one hell of an alarm system!

    Anyway, it all turned out well. I just needed to vent a bit.
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    Glad you and the family are O.K. Pet the dog for me!

  3. caniswalensis

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    I am glad to hear that you were not hurt, or forced to hurt anyone. I don't blame you for being nervous and needing to vent.
    Sounds like you have a great dog!

    Regards, Canis
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    OK....OK....so just after you become a Supporting Member you go and have a B&E with a great outcome???

    You're not mad at me for the jump the shark comment are you? [​IMG]
  5. opaww

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    At least you are OK
  6. Franciscomv

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    :D How can anybody be mad at you, mate? :D
  7. Ubergopher

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    I'm suddenly glad my neighbor doesn't have pepper spray.

    Also I'm glad that I didn't kick a door down.
  8. Franciscomv

    Franciscomv New Member

    Well, I didn't do that much...

    Now that I'm a bit calmer I've found several mistakes in the way I acted. I was lucky that it was just two stoned idiots.
  9. Dillinger

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    Damn! Well done Francisco. Take that hound of yours out for a steak and send me the bill. :D

    Glad you are okay brother!


    IGETEVEN New Member

    Hey, glad your alright there, and I would stay alert and watch my 6 for a while. Payback and revenge are all the same to some people even though they were in the wrong and got what they deserved, they may think you embarrassed them and belittled them in front of their boys. Stay frosty.

    Just think, a world without dumb asses would be.........a world without dumb asses! :D
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    Well, at least nobody got hurt except a door due for replacement anyway. The dog seems due a nice meal, for certain.

    Seconded on watching your back for a bit; drunk people often remember events differently than actually happened. Of course, in some apartment complexes here, if the police have to show up & make an arrest, there will be a vacant apartment soon; you might wish to contact your landlord.
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  12. Franciscomv

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    It's not really an appartment complex, it's a bunch of independent houses that share a big common yard (although each has their own front yard). It's hard to explain, it's a very old Spanish style house. I own my house, so no landlord to worry about, I've put it up for sale last week, so no need to get along nicely with the neighbours either.

    And the guys who broke down the door aren't any sort of gang bangers or anything like that, they are just stupid university students. In fact my neighbour (their friend) has been calling and e-mailing me, trying to convince me to cut them some slack. They are interns at his design studio.
  13. BILLYBOB44

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    Gun Control!!

    Fran, you did well. You did exercise control over a situation that could have been deadly-to the purps. I love to read cases of proper use of firearms results in positive outcomes. I'm sure there are people here that, like me, love to read "The Armed Citizen" section of The American Rifleman magazine. It is full of stories like yours, where sometimes the display of a weapon changes the bad guys attitude. Now settle down, put a shot, or 2 of 80 proof in your coffee, and re-gain your composure.:D:eek::)
  14. kodiak1973

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    Glad to hear you're alright, man. Hope you can relax a little. I know I'd probably still be shaking off the adrenaline.

    And give your dog a good belly scratch, he deserves it.
  15. ktmboyz

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    Wow what a way to start the day huh,, well done keeping you re cool and composure under stress.
    In hindsight that was probably a priceless training run for a home invasion, like how you grabbed you re pepper spray not even realizing you did it, then had them at gun point and controlled the situation.
    kudos to the dog also :D

    Some one tried to break into my home a few years back by breaking the small pane of glass in the back door. They reached in to get the lock and that's as far as they got due to being greeted by my German shepherds teeth in their hand.. she then tore the sh-t out of the door trying to get out after them. Needless to say she got a great big steak that night. I hope they try it again cuz now I've got two shepherds and a full length glass door so they better be able to run like the wind :eek:
  16. Jo da Plumbr

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    Maybe if they bought and installed a new door...
  17. zhuk

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    Great job keeping your head, Franciscomv, glad it was a good outcome and the guys were just pissed students. Not surprised your adrenalin is going a lil crazy!

    I have no idea what I'd do in that situation, bar some self-defence. Pepper spray is illegal here, and I'm sure using the steel mountain-bike handlebar I keep lying around would land ME in jail lol
  18. CA357

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    Well done, you did fine. Your dog is a champion as well. But I'll go along with the others here, watch your six.
  19. WDB

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    Francisco, You did a great job of understanding the threat and using minimal force. Much respect to you sir as it is difficult to keep composure in a situation like that. Those drunks are truly lucky to not be in the morgue right now. I expect you already know you have a fine dog as well.