What a HERO !!

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    Yup, happened not so far from here a couple counties away. Its so very sad and so preventable it hurts me and I didnt even know this brave young lad. Sadly, it was a low income white trash trailer park fire so it wont gain much notice outside of this but even low income housing can be made safer pretty cheaply.

    Smoke detectors, Smoke detectors, Smoke detectors, please have them, check them, change the batteries and replace them whenever they get funky!

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    Change them, when you turn the clocks ahead and back..... Good rule of thumb
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    Your best investment is a combination smoke/carbon dioxide detector. Virtually all fire and police departments have someone who will evaluate the safety of your home. Here in NC you get a certificate saying your home meets all safety requirements. The certificate entitles you to discounted insurance. One other thing you have to have to get a certificate is a fire extinguisher. If you reload you should have a fire extinguisher. It's not that gunpowder is a danger. Gunpowder is expensive to replace because you did not have a $12 fire extinguisher.