What 9mm or .40 cal should I buy

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by nikotromus11, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. nikotromus11

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    Hey Guys,

    I would like to buy a handgun for home defense and occational target practice at the range. My spending limit is $700.

    Two handguns I've been looking at are the glock and the taurus PT 92. From everything I've read, the glock is a superior functioning gun. But, it looks asthetically offensive. I personally dont care for plastic looking guns. The Taurus is supposed to be a lower quality gun, but oh god it looks so sleak and sexy.

    I'm definitly not limited to these two. I'd love to hear any suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  2. Kain

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    I can't stress enough... buy something YOU like.

    You already seem to have caliber narrowed down, so part of the hard part is over. I'd say now go to a gun store with a large selection (don't worry about price, you're not going to buy this trip round anyway) and handle as many guns as they'll let you. Find the one that feels right. Test the trigger, heft the weight, pull back the slide, test the safetys, look down the sights. THAN and only than can you decide what you like best. Now, narrow it down to the ones you really could see yourself buying and go to a range that rents the perferred pistols. Shoot some rounds through each and see what shoots best for you. Once you've made your selection take some time and shop around for the best price.

    Me, I like the M&P by Smith and Wesson, and the XD line by Springfield. Both are in your budget and you should add them to your list of "check out" pieces on your recon run.

  3. Flint Rock

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    I would go with the Smith & Wesson M&P in either caliber. The 9mm is a lot cheaper to shoot, and usually the ammo is easier to find. You could get the gun, a holster, an M3 light, and some ammo, and still be under $700. True, you could do the same with a Glock, but you said you didn't really like that gun. You could also look into the factory certified Sig 226. Those would also be under $700 and a darn fine gun to have, in either caliber.
  4. Franciscomv

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    $700 is a good budget to shop for a 9mm handgun. Like Kain already mentioned, you need to get your hands on as many guns as possible before choosing and never settle for a good gun that you're not in love with. There are plenty of good quality weapons out there, so you don't need to settle, try to find the gun for you.

    Go to a range and rent different pistols, that'll help you narrow your choices down. With that said, here's what I'd be looking at if I were you.

    -CZ 75 or 85, excellent all steel guns, you'll have money left over for a holster and some ammo. They are rugged, well made and accurate. There are several different models, some DA/SA, some SA. Definitely worth a look.

    -Browning Hi Power, king of nines. I've seen some new ones on gunbroker.com for around $700-750. If you like single action pistols, there's no better choice than this timeless classic.

    -The Smith & Wesson M&P has already been mentioned, it's a really nice weapon as far as polymer pistols go. I bought one as a low maintenance home defense weapon that my girlfriend could fire, but I ended up taking it to the range quite often. It's a striker fired weapon, like Glocks, so the trigger pull is never going to be as pleasant as a single action pistol but it isn't difficult to adapt to it.

    The Taurus PT 92 is a good gun, in fact I like the frame mounted safety a lot more than the Beretta 92's (the gun it's based on) slide mounted safety. However, I think there are better designs out there. I had a Beretta for a while and sold it to fund a CZ 75, I never regretted it.
  5. Gojubrian

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    Good suggestions above! I'll also suggest the Xd or XDm in 9mm or 40, the beretta 92f or beretta 96, CZ75b's or P -01's. Can't go wrong with any of these.
  6. pat

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    i have several 9mm, its my favorite caliber. lots of choices.
    most people will say hi pow, over your budget new, but if you really liked it a used one could be had. i used to compete using them.
    however, i am one of the few old people, i know of, who can adapt to the new composite material.
    my favorite at any price is the xdm,
    like the man said, buy what fits your hand.

  7. fxstchewy

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    For a CCW and range pistol i like the XD9 and Glock 19, either can be had in 9mm or 40S&W. :)
  8. dnthmn2004

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    One more vote for the M&P. Nuf said.

    SGT-MILLER New Member

    How much experience do you have in handguns?

    What is your definition of occasional trips to the range?

    What handguns have you handled so far (other than the Taurus and the Glock)?
  10. BudW

    BudW New Member

    Check out the Ruger SR9, XDM Springfield
  11. gadrooning

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    I would definately go for the 40 cal over the 9mm. I have a beretta px4. Love the gun. It is accurate light and it holds 14 rounds in the 40 cal. Friend brought his Springfield XD and I would almost say they were sister guns. Not by looks but by feel, recoil, accuracy and return to point of aim. Both are really fun to shoot. The XD was touch more nose heavy than the PX4, but all in all I wouldn't cry if we took the wrong guns home in the cases.
  12. Viking

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    Rugers are great especially the newer models as the older double stack mag grips were pretty fat. Luckily we have a Sportsmen's Warehouse close by that usually has a very large selection of semi autos. I had leaned toward a new Ruger as they felt good in my hand and they are priced reasonably, but so does the Baby Eagle. I ended up getting an XDm in 40 S&W which was good because they had the Gear Up program going that had a rebate of two 16 round clips plus another mag holster. The next thing I got was unexpected, earlier this year my wife and I was in the Sportsmen's Warehouse looking at Beretta, XD compact, Stoeger and a few others. While I was admiring a Stoeger Cougar in 40 S&W my wife says out of the blue, "Do you want to get it?". So who am I to turn down such a good deal? It's a great weapon, it feels good in my hands, very accurate and with the rotating barrel lock up it has very little barrel rise on recoil which is great for follow up shots. I actually like shooting it more than the XDm. The Cougar has an alloy frame so it's heavy, the XDm plus is it's 16 round mags. The quality of the Cougar is great considering it's relatively low cost.