What .22 pistol to learn with

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by zachalbrecht, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. zachalbrecht

    zachalbrecht New Member

    Debating on what .22 platform to purchase to work on the basics. Looking seriously at the Ruger MkIII 45/22 Lite and the Walther. Any experience or suggestions?

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  2. Mouser

    Mouser Active Member

    I have a ruger mk II and a ruger single six...both would give your the fundamentals of safety, handling and how to focus your sight picture....if I knew what my first center fire weapon would be, then I would tend to go in that direction...I loved my neighbor's K-22 growing up and I do want a .22 double action revolver...also a 1911 knock of would be really cool...maybe I will just have to make that happen.

  3. bartwatkins

    bartwatkins Member

    Like Mouser says in his last sentence...
    I would recommend the GSG 1911-22 (or the Sig version - either one - same pistol). This has the same feel, weight, heft as a full size Gov't model 1911 but chambered in .22

    After some training with it - you will be all ready for a true 1911 in .45auto
    Plus, even after you own a .45 you will still enjoy taking the .22 out to the range and shooting it. A hoot to fire and ammo is much more of a bargain.
    Still shoot mine pretty regularly.
  4. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    Ruger MkIII 45/22 Lite:
    Excellent gun. Nice trigger. Good range shooter and skill builder. Great host for a suppressor. First rate quality at a fair price.

    S&W M&P22:
    Pretty identical to a full-sized M&P. Excellent trigger, accurate, 12rd capacity, eats cheap ammo. And the $400 price is very fair. Love it.

    Not a big fan of Walther's P22. My experience with 1911 22lrs hasn't been so hot. The Ruger SR22 is a good gun, but its micro size probably wouldn't benefit you. Gerenally I'm a fan of most Ruger and Browning rimfires, and have been really impressed with the MP22.
  5. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    My suggestion is, and always has been, to get something that will not encourage "spray and pray" as a first firearm.

    Do I have semi-autos? Yes.
    Did I start on semi-autos? Yes, even though some here think I am old enough that semi-autos were not invented when I started.
    What have I learned? "Spray and pray" is easier to learn than the basics of shooting accurately.

    Today, I have several revolvers that are used to re-instill the basics when I feel I am not doing something correctly.
  6. Sniper03

    Sniper03 Supporting Member Supporter

    The Ruger Pistol mentioned is a fine pistol as well as the Browning Buckmark and one of my favorites since I like 1911 pistols is the Sig 1911 22 cal. pictured below. Very fine pistol, functions like a 45 ACP 1911 and is very accurate. The target was shot at 15 yards with the pistol right out of the box.
    Both look and funtion alike.

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  7. KG7IL

    KG7IL Well-Known Member

    Short and sweet here.
    Revolver Single or Double would be a great choice. (I want a S&W M17 K22. I really do!)

    Auto's are fine, usually harder to get quality, with a good trigger.
    Avoid cheapies.

    A cost effective 22 semi is the Ruger MKIII or MKIII 22/45.
    They are good out of the box, and have plenty of affordable upgrades when time and money allows it.

    But a good S&W will always make your heart sing. now .... and in the years to come. Best Feel / Best Trigger ....
  8. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    I have a 22/45 and 9mm G19.

    If the only reason to you want the .22 is to work on the basics, I'd suggest you think about a pellet gun. Although it's very different than shooting a centerfire pistol, so is a .22lr. A pellet gun would give you practice with sight picture & trigger control AND, unlike .22lr, it's easy to get pellets. 22lr ammunition has become rare & expensive. A pellet gun also allows you more places you can practice safely.

    If you want it because your thinking about doing small bore bullseye or target shooting, that's another story. It's very accurate out of the box and isn't fussy about ammunition. A lot of the semi auto 22lrs are. It's PITA to strip though. Besides the hard main spring, you need to whack the barrel to pop it off. I use a block of wood.

    I've found the shooting the 22lr experience is so different than shooting the 9mm, that dryfiring my 9mm was actually more productive.

    If I was to do it over, I'd get a M&P .22lr, and a M&P centerfire, when I was ready, if not at the same time.
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  9. CardiacColt68

    CardiacColt68 New Member

    I really think a 22 revolver would be the ideal shooter for a first 22. But I went with a different theory when I bought mine. I read all the reviews, complaints and criticisms. I wanted an easy to handle semi auto so I could learn how to easily handle a semi, and reload magazines. I handled a ton of guns, and realized the Walther P22 and Ruger SR22 both felt good in my hand. I bought the Walther simply because it sounded more prone to FTF and FTE issues when new or under 1000 rounds. I knew this would suck, but also thought it would teach me to handle handgun failures quickly and efficiently. IMO it has. I am no pro, but after the first 500 rounds or so I felt so much more relaxed dealing with any failures. I don't panic, get flustered or rush now. I think/hope that in a pinch I could quickly handle FTF or FTE in any of my semi auto's. I am glad I learned at the range with my 22 than with my 9mm or 45ACPin a CC situation.

    But that's me. I have patience. Your mileage may vary. Just another theory to consider.

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  10. Winchester94

    Winchester94 New Member

    I definitely think a revolver would be best. A Ruger Single Six or SP101 in .22 would be great or any S&W .22.

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  11. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    If you the revolver route, there are revolvers that come with two different cylinders. One for 22lr, and one for 22 magnums (magnums?). I don't know if they come in both single & double action.
  12. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    I would go the pellet pistol route. You can find a decent pellet pistol for the price of a brick of 22 LR ammo. Once we see what is going to happen with 22 ammo, you can find an appropriate 22 for the things you want to do.
  13. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    C'mon...22lr will be back. And common. And cheap. For anyone who owns a 22lr (or a few), do yourself a favor and go out and buy a few hundred dollar$ worth when the market is normal. This minimal investment will avert the future headaches that are sure to follow.

    But some of the nicer air guns I'm seeing out there do seem pretty cool.

    22lr bricks (500rds or so) can be still had for under $20. But under the current circumstances they do sell fast at that price and you may have to stay on the hunt. I don't hunt, because I have a bajillion rounds at home...which is like $500 worth. I'll buy again when the market situation tames a bit. I've seen bricks going for $50-90 at gun shows recently. That's just stupid. They're priced that way because fools will pay that price.
  14. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Active Member

    Just curious if you could be more specific, Sweeper? Like what brands of 1911-22's have you tried?

    I have the GSG version and a Walther Umarex version, both are fun to shoot and offer good range time for 1911 shooters.

    I have heard bad stuff about Chiappas.
  15. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    nothing wrong with learning the fundamentals of pistol shooting with a 22 revolver. i learned on my grandfather's H&R 9 shot 22 pistol at a very early age.

    i also highly recommend the Ruger Mark series of 22 pistols. i currently have the Mark III 22/45 Target model that is very accurate and lots of fun to shoot.

    at some point i plan on adding an older H&R revolver to my collection. they made some really good revolvers back in the day.
  16. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I have the Ruger 22/45. Everyone that has ever shot mine loved it. My wife and son both shoot it quite well. My neighbor and her 18 year old daughter went to the range with my family. The both shot it well. It is not picky with ammo. Mine will shoot anything. Mine will shoot old 22s I found on the ground at the range!
  17. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    i enjoy mine a lot. we have have been using it to teach my nieces about pistol shooting as well. they love shooting it.
  18. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    My GSG turned out to be junk. A couple guys I shoot with also bought them about the same time I did. Their's also were junk.

    Between the three of us who bought them, we had two guide rods and one barrel bushing all literally break in half...within about 500rds from new in each case. So they're loaded with low-grade parts in critical areas, and they've also been pretty finicky when it comes to their appetite. Perhaps they've since improved that situation.

    A friend of mine bought the Umarex/Colt 22lr, and it appears to be a much better gun. I personally wouldn't trust the ATI/GSG/Sig versions. I've upgraded a few parts on my GSG (SS guide rod), but it remains really picky. That's just my experience.

    My MKIII 22/45 is a far superior gun...and tangibly less expensive...considering the time, headaches, and improvements the GSG required to become 'acceptable'.
  19. toroboy

    toroboy New Member

    I would suggest the Ruger SR22. It's well made, the frame is large enough for a man but comes with an alternate grip for smaller hands.

    It has a nice sight system. The magazine capacity is 10+1, and I'm not sure if it was a gun show special this past weekend or not, but the dealer trying to sell this gun to me said it came with three magazines. From what I see on-line, it appears two magazines are standard.

    The gun comes in a variety of colors, and can be had for a base price around $300.00. For a quality brand like Ruger, I don't see how you could go wrong...

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