What 12 guage ammo for HD

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by BudW, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. BudW

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    I live out of town so no close neighbors
  2. sweeper22

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    Plain old 00 Buck should handle just about anything. Doesn't have to be any specific brand, the stuff you find at Walmart will work just fine.

    If you want something a little fancier, Winchester's PDX1 is interesting. It combines a 1oz rifled slug with three 00 Buck pellets...which are supposed to triangulate around the slug in the shot pattern.

    I've got a box of the PDX1, but haven't tried it out yet.

  3. m72law

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    say if the shotty holds 5 or more...2rds of Fiocchi rubber buckshot,2rds #6 bird shotshells,2rds 00buck,1 slug...this is what i have loaded into my HD shotty,as the closest house next door is over 300yrds away...if anyone else is in your house while a bad guy breaks in... you must take precautionary steps,so you dont have over penetration,through walls,doors,ect;)
  4. Jpyle

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    Any shot #4 and down should work just fine. You didn't mention any family members or the layout of the rooms but be aware that certain types of buck shot can penetrate drywall...slugs should never be considered indoors.

    At typical indoor defensive distances there is little spreading of the shot so buck and turkey will be more than enough to disuade the bad guy.

    As already stated, don't get caught up in the brand name, high dollar, fancy packaging...a $5 box of 00 buck is all you really need.
  5. Bello

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    Funny you mention this...

    I tested this ammo and I wasnt to impress with it.
    gun:mossberg maverick 88/ 18" barrel, cylinder bore / bead sight
    shooting position: Standing

    25yrds on a IDPA target:
    slug hit the Azone 2 out of 3 pellets didnt hit the target

    15yrds on a IDPA target:
    slug hit Azone, again 2 pellets deviated to the right of the target.

    Now...when I brang the target to the 7yrs I was assuming than the pellets
    where gonna hit the target....nope

    7yrds on a IDPA target:
    slug hit Azone area, one pellet deviated low left

    I really like the idea behind it. I was concern about the pellet deviations.
    I will stick to 00buck or slug.

    Do your own test. Maybe it will work better with your shotgun. Good luck.! :)

    Check this video. Their test got better results.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJdRRJ90bXE]YouTube - Winchester PDX1 12 Gauge spread test[/ame]
  6. BudW

    BudW New Member

    Guys thanks so much iam a novice to guns and this really helps!
  7. willfully armed

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    I run 3" Federal, buffered 4 buck.

    It is not my primary HD gun. Its a few down on the list before it would be utilized.
  8. HKSlinger

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    I'm rural like you. Slugs.