Wham, BAM! ! ! Life again?!?!

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    So I was headed home from work Friday and I hit a car in front of me. I got the crap knocked outta me and couldn't (still can't) remember how it happened. The other driver claimed he had stopped short of the intersection to wave to some friends. I thought maybe I had no0dded off as it was after a long week of 5 x 12hr days. Either way, both of us got tickets. :(

    I was don't phase easily, but I was banged up and the wife was concerned, so I went to the ER, got X-rayed and sent home. I was sore as hell the next day, but nothing too bad, but the ER called and said there was an abnormality in my X-Ray, so to come in for further testing. The tests revealed that there is indeed something wrong with my cervical vertebrae, but nothing "acute". So I took 1 day off (Monday) and came to work this morning, with Dr.'s note in hand.

    Thought all was good, but got called in to the safety trailer about 9:30am and told the release was not good enough and to come back when I got a "more detailed" note specifically noting "without restrictions"!!!

    So now I'm really getting worried, but since I'm feeling better I thought, "Get a better note and show up tomorrow", well. . . the Neck and Back Dr. won't release me until he can see me NEXT WEEK SOMETIME!!! WTF!!?!?!?!?

    Now my truck's wreaked, I can't work and who knows what's up with the neck deal!?!?!?!

    Anyways, life can change in the blink of an eye folks. . . I knew this wouldn't be a simple "fender bender", but I never imagined it would affect my job. I should have lied and said I was sick. . . Oh, wait. . . they have been threatening to FIRE folks for "unexcused absences"!

    Now the insurance lady is calling wanting a story recorded of my recollection (or lack of) of the accident and conversation of the folks afterward.

    Well there's my rant of the day, Thanks. :)
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    Get a lawyer and dont talk to anybody without his approval.

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    As the recipient of several serious accidents in the last 5 years or so, I will advise you to do the same. And document that the other driver admitted he stopped short to wave to his friends.
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    I'll send some prayers your way.

    + 1,000 on getting a lawyer.
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    Listen to the doctor. Better to take a week to heal now than to only further injure yourself by going back to work before your body is really ready not just your mind.

    +1 on a lawyer too.
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    Diggs, sorry to hear of the crash. It sounds like the crash report is or has been written up showing both you and the other driver are 50-50 at fault for the crash. I'm assuming your ticket was fail to stop or fail to control your vehicle, and the other driver was for impeding or blocking the roadway?

    Your defense relies on what you told the reporting officer. I'm hoping you told him that the guy just stopped abruptly leaving you no chance to brake, and that the officer noted on the report the other drivers admission that he stopped to wave at friends. You still have the responsibility to be driving far enough behind to stop for such occasions but by him stopping so short, it makes the crash happening a bit more plausible. Should you decide to fight the ticket in court, it all depends on what's included on the crash report. get a copy of it ASAP.

    If Colo. is a no fault insurance state, you can talk to your insurance company but NEVER talk to the other company. Your company handles all the claims. If you continue to have medical problems and they fail to pay for the medical help needed then you have the right to seek legal representation. As others have mentioned, you can also seek representation at this point which may not be a bad idea if you plan to contest the ticket.

    As far as work, they are avoiding all liabilities by allowing you back in an "injured" condition. Unless you can see the/or a doctor sooner, you'll have to wait until next week.

    Hope you feel better. PM if you have other questions. I'll be in airports most of tomorrow but will be settled in later tomorrow night if a response is needed.
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    Ditto that!!
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    Dang, it is raining and pouring crap over there it seems. Best wishes for improvements all around & ASAP.

    I would consider ONE discussion with the claims people BEFORE telling them that you have an attorney. It is my understanding that once you tell them you have "lawyered up", they can't talk to you anymore and have to let you deal with their legal department. I assume you don't have a spare vehicle & extra cash to wave at an attorney; perhaps, you could come to a compromise with the claims people.
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    Good advice from all.......get ready for the dog fight. Lawyer up, I have a feeling both insurance companies, unless they are the same are going to be playing things very close to the vest due to the shared negligence.
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles...great advice from all...and get this thread nuked...
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    good luck brother I wish you the best and my your god be with you!
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    Thanks to all you all. I just got word my truck is totaled, the bed began to go through the cab. No work 'till at least next week. It happens.

    I haven't thought about a lawyer, but maybe I should . . . the other guy's are back working and all. Their claim will be damage only.