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I would have to agree with Biff, the spike could be shoved into the railing around the ship to help steady the shots during boarding/repelling raids. It also could have been a rampart gun, as you indicated, as it would have served the same purpose.

If it's rifled, it most certainly isn't for use with harpoons, or other projectiles like spear guns would use.

Breech loading definitely leads me to believe it would have to be a cartridge weapon, probably something along the lines of a big bore "Cape Buffalo" style weapon.

Large, powerful bullet, but limited range, hence the much longer than normal barrel ( more time for pressure to build up behind the ammo to increase speed, and hopefully, accuracy ).

There is a guy here who posts some times named Bob Wright and he is a Master of old world weapons. I will try to get in touch with him and see if he can help you out...

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