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  1. unclebear

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    is there really anything wrong with have a beer and shooting? I'm not talking about being drunk but have one or two beers and doing some shooting, when I was younger when and I would go shooting with my uncles and them there was usually someone with a beer in there hand.

    Don't get me wrong I'm against impaired shooting.

    but is there anything really wrong with having a beer and shooting?
  2. dmp

    dmp New Member

    No. Unless 'a beer' get's you shat-faced. :)

  3. fireguy

    fireguy New Member

    The only thing wrong with drinking alcohol and using firearms is if it goes past the point of "a drink, or a beer". Anti gunners may even use an observance of the two activities together to attempt to further their cause. To someone not in your group, or someone who does not know you sees a bottle of Jack sitting on the shooting bench it can give a very negative impression of all firearm enthusiasts.

    Personally, I have only enjoyed adult beverages after hunting or shooting as opposed to while pulling the trigger.
    Gatorade, tea, or water are usually my choice to wet my whistle when I am out with the guns.

    We as a group of sportsmen are constantly being scrutinized and must put the best face on display that we can. If shooting in a private place it becomes easier. Reaching into a cooler for a cold one in sight of a passerby while holding a gun wearing a shell vest and getting seen by some suburban soccer mom probably doesn't leave a good impression.
  4. opaww

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    what fireguy said, and don't forget the big falp over guns and alochol with Dick Chanie when he drank a beer and shot a lawyer.
  5. dks7895

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    This is kind of a loaded question... no pun intended. It's like asking if it's ok to drive a car while drinking a beer. It all depends on the person and knowing your limitations. Firearms should always be respected and operated safely.
  6. AZL

    AZL New Member

    Just absolutely everything.

    Really? You are asking this question?

    One beer DOES equal SOME level of impairment. Number one, it shows immediate impairment in JUDGEMENT.

    In EVERY jurisdiction I know of consumption of alcohol while in possession of a firearm is illegal...and not just a civil infraction.

    Then, if you take it a small step further....IF there is a negligent discharge amd someone is hurt or property is damaged...and you have consumed even a thimble full of alcohol...you are completely screwed. It could (and in my opinion SHOULD) be raised to the level of a felony.

    It can easily be proven that you were in possession of a power which you didn't have the ability to control, and therefore were negligent and CRIMINALLY liable for it's misuse.


    How hard is it to load the cooler with water, juice, and soft drinks while shooting and saving the beer for AFTERWARD when the guns and ammo are all safely locked up?

    Talk about redneck and hillbilly dumb****ness...."Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy Bubba...I got the shotguns....y'all grab the beer! Yeeeeeehhhhaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!" I come from a LONG line of rednecks and my Pap would have beat us black and blue if we ever broke open a 12-pack while we were shooting.

    Wait...how about if we ask THIS question: "Is it okay to smoke a bowl and go shooting?"

    OR......"Hey...let's do a line of coke, and go shooting. One line won't hurt."

    YOU may be the very pillar of restraint and grooviness when you'va had a beer or two....but what about your dip**** friend who shows his *** EVERY TIME he drinks? You know you have THAT friend. What happens when HE gets one or two in him and tries some "trick shootin'"?


    Do you drive after consuming "one or two beers?"

    Every douchebag I ever arrested for DUI only EVER had "One or two beers".

    Every douchebag I ever arrested for vehicular manslaughter only ever had "One or two beers".

    A four year old kid I had to watch get put onto a gurney, then into a BODY BAG, had a daddy who ONLY HAD ONE OR TWO BEERS before he brought out his Taurus Pt92 to show off at the BBQ. That was a minute or two before he put a bullet through the brain of his kid.

    It is exactly the OPPOSITE of okay to shoot while drinking...PERIOD.

    Why don't you ask Mas Ayoob, Clint Smith, Rob Pincus, Marty Hayes...or ANY cop or armed professional if it's okay to have "one or two beers" and train with them.
  7. unclebear

    unclebear New Member

    well to be honest i just thought i would throw this out there I saw another thread about what "what gun do you carry while camping" and we always have beer when we go camping and we always take guns. Then i started looking through some old photo albums and every picture of my gramps or my uncle they either have a beer or a gun in there hands or both. So I just thought I would throw it out there and ask...
  8. lonewolf101

    lonewolf101 New Member

    Thoes two things DONT GO TOGETHER!
  9. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    Legit question. No need to go all ape **** on the guy, and to imply that he's a redneck hillbilly dumbass is a bit much. He's been around here for a bit and is a pretty well respected young member of our group, shows pretty good judgment in how he conducts himself, and to go off like that over a rhetorical question is not okay.

    FWIW, I don't drink before or while shooting either, and wouldn't be caught on a range with anyone else who has or is drinking. As you stated, but as has also been proven by medical research, a single alcoholic drink can impair a person's judgment. I've seen too many injuries by sober people, no need to increase the chances.
  10. AZL

    AZL New Member

    I didn't call HIM anything. I "likened the bahavior" which is a different thing all together WHILE claiming a LONG redneck heritage of my own.

    It IS an issue of which I am pretty sensitive...especially after watching a 4 year old with only PART OF A HEAD left get put into a bag because someone had to drink and play with their gun.

    Personally, I don't give a damn if the POPE wants to open some wine and play with his Beretta...I will LIKEN THAT BEHAVIOR to that of a dumbass hillbilly redneck.
  11. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    Im not going to go all psycho on ya. I just want to toss it this out there for thought.

    A person or business should do their level best to use reasonably easy ways to lower personal liability. Normally i think whatiffing is useless unless it involves looking at things that happen on a regular basis. So what if your out shooting, you and your buds have one sip each of alcohol you now got x ammount of open containers. Or even worse you have open containers but no one has drank anything yet and bob shoots a rifle it ricochets off an unseen object and wounds or kills a nearby unseen person.

    The very fact you have open alcoholic beverages regardless of consumption turns a non-criminal accidental shooting into a felony unintentional homicide.

    Just something to think about. Your a grown man you can make your own choices without me yelling at ya :)
  12. Yunus

    Yunus New Member

    It all depends on the circumstances and the people involved. If you are in a small group of known friends and you all have a high level of firearms knowledge and practice safe handling of firearms, the risk is minimal. Would I go so far as to recommend doing it, no but then I also wouldn't recommend doing many of the things that I do myself.

    If there are strangers in the group or your at a public range where people come and go. I would avoid alcohol completely and avoid those who are drinking.

    I have no idea on the legalities of having a drink while handling firearms.
  13. Vincine

    Vincine New Member

    There are people I wouldn't trust with a sharp stick even if they were stone cold sober.
  14. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    This is the camp I am in. I've been shooting at people's private lands/ranges where someone or a few people might have a beer. But everyone knew everyone else very well and they all where very knowledgeable in all things firearms. I never was one to drink and shoot back when I still drank but the guys that did in these situations didn't bother me at all.

    What the OP described in his second post seemed to me it was more a we're out camping and doing some shooting/hunting and when in camp had some beers. That don't even seem to be mixing the two. I might be misunderstanding the situation but if it is the case then unless you are waking up still drunk or hungover or something the next day they are not drinking and shooting. They are getting their shooting done the headed back to camp and having some beers. I don't think many of us remove all the guns from our homes to tip a frosty barley pop. And somehow things end up OK.
  15. trip286

    trip286 New Member

    I used to go to dove shoots (I don't call that hunting) at my uncle's house, and there was always beer around.

    But here's the deal, everyone would go out for the morning shoot, and around noon or a little earlier we would break for lunch. Cook some of the kill, break out the beer and usually some fish and leftover deer from the last season, and have a good time.

    The ones who drank were very conspicuously missing from the afternoon shoot. They stayed at the house.

    A lot if those guys were people I had no respect for at all, but they earned a little respect from me then because there was no "rule" on my uncle's place about drinking and shooting, they took it upon themselves to unload and lock up their guns when they cracked open their first beer.
  16. Firearms4ever

    Firearms4ever New Member

    I think Fireguy said it pretty well. The Antifirearms community will use anything to further "justify" their cause, and alcohol with firearms is not a very good mix to begin with. If I want a drink while shooting I'll just grab a Gatorade or diet soda.
  17. fmj

    fmj Active Member

    on another thread i told a tale of being stalked by a big cat whilst in deer camp....up until that night (or day i discovered the evil plot ;)) I (we) had a rule, handed down from a long line of hunters in deer camp, that all guns were unloaded and hung on the rack (no safes or trigger lock insanity back then) before the festivities began.

    Well, i am here to tell you that that rule is no longer viable. I WILL have my 1911, 686, Model 4, and Rem. 131 FULLY loaded and in condition 1 WHILE i am drinking in deer camp!(deer camp is a tent in the middle of a couple million acres of forest) One never knows when a wolf(ves), a cougar or (unlikely due to time of year) a bear will decide to wander into camp and make ME a snack!

    But yeah, normally, both activities (shooting and drinking...both i enjoy) are mutually exclusive. Its just a common sense kinda thing. when i am at the range i am stone cold sober. I hit the wobbly pops after the session.

    Concealed carry gun: I, unlike some, DO NOT take out my gun and show it off (as is/was the case in AZL's (why the change in monicker man?) tragic tale) like its some type of toy or conversation piece. Sober, drunk, no matter. Its concealed and it STAYS concealed until its "worst moment of my life time"

    I also know/have known idiots that think their gun is a toy and have narrowly avoided tragedy....as stated above, some sober or drunk, cant be trusted with a pointy stick much less a knife or gun. "YOU CANT FIX STUPID!"
  18. Overkill0084

    Overkill0084 Active Member

    Much the same as driving. There is no upside to be had.
  19. hogrider

    hogrider New Member

    Back in my younger dumber days I used to shoot grounds squirrels while drinking beers. That all changed after I got a concealed carry permit. That was enough to sober me up and fly right thereafter. Of course moving away from those good shooting grounds helped a lot too. Darn they were sure fun to shoot!
  20. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    Personally, I would not have even one sip of beer while shooting. That's just me. When I take anyone shooting, I make it clear there will be no alcohol consumption until AFTER shooting.

    I do believe it might have been me commenting on the other thread that prompted UncleBear to start this thread.