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  1. CetaceaTactical

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    Hi everyone! New tactical gear vendor here. Just to introduce ourselves:

    Cetacea Corporation manufactures high quality tactical accessories right here in the USA. Great for shooting enthusiasts, military personnel, or people with more recreational shooting like paintball. Cetacea makes accessories to keep you connected.

    Here's a sampling of some of our single point slings:


    Check out our full catalog here, and order through our website: http://www.cetaceacorp.com/tactical-and-military.html

    If you have a store or shop please use the dealer inquiry link on our website to get approved for wholesale pricing.

    Let us know if you have any questions and we'll be glad to help! Thank you and we look forward to reading the great content from other forum members :)

    Follow us on Facebook for the latest deals and updates: https://www.facebook.com/cetaceatactical
  2. MisterMcCool

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    Whoa now! :p
    Welcome to the forum.

  3. c3shooter

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    Welcome to the forum- glad to see you here. If you get a chance, toss out a few photos of some of your stock, and I bet there will be some interest.
  4. ScottA

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    Cool looking stuff, but if I may offer a suggestion...

    While the online, flip the page catalog looks cool; it can be kind less than user friendly. Next time you update your website, I'd suggest using a more traditional catalog construction.
  5. CetaceaTactical

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

    c3shooter: We don't really have any stock hanging around per se, unless it's a return order. We make everything you see in our catalog to order. So we can even do custom sizes and specs if you need it!

    Here's a link to the PDF version of the catalog if you find that easier to browse. Thanks for the helpful suggestion ScottA :)

    PDF Catalog: http://www.docdroid.net/64pr/cetacea-catalog-tactical2012.pdf.html