Wet Tumbling in Wintry Conditions

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Bayou, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Bayou

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    It's unusually cold and damp here in SE Louisiana today. Work is closed, so I may do some wet tumbling in the garage today. However, the garage is not heated, so the temp will be in the 30's in there.

    Any of our northern forum friends, or anyone else, ever rotary wet tumbled in cold, wintry conditions? Anything in particular I should keep an eye out for or do differently? Using a Thumler's Model b high speed tumbler.

    No problem getting cold water for the drum today!

    Thanks, All. Very unusual weather conditions for us tumblers down here -

  2. jebsca

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    I've never done that, but think the biggest problem would be drying the brass. As long as you use warm water, unless it was very cold (0 or less) in your garage, it will take a several hours to freeze the fluid. If you let the brass air dry like me, take it in the house, cause the water will freeze quick then.