Western Field 836R Savage 187N question

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  1. rjmorel

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    I bought this rifle with the understanding that it didn't feed and eject
    reliably. I believe it was sold thru Wards and made by Savage or SpringField.
    Well it doesn't feed or eject reliably when I pull the trigger repeatedly fast
    like you would normally on a semi-auto. However if I pull the trigger, hesitate
    for a second ,then release the trigger, the bolt will close, and feed and eject
    all day long as long as I hesitate after pulling
    the trigger.
    My question is since it reliably shoots fine as long as I hesitate on releasing
    the trigger is this the way it is designed to opperate for the bolt to stay open
    untill the trigger is released? Operates fine like this: Load up the feed tube ,
    pull the bolt back and release to load. Fire and keep the trigger held back for
    a second, release trigger , bolt closes loading next round, repeat all day.
    I doused the action with gun clean & lube and hand cycled it a bunch to
    destribute the cleaner around and oil things up so I don't think it is gummed up
    at all. It looks like it was hardly used by previuos owner.
    Do any of you own this brand and does it operate like I describe? Thanks, rj
  2. buckhuntr

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    I picked up a Savage 187N yesterday at a gunshow for $95, took it almost immediately to my woods, and proceeded to have it fail to cleanly eject 13 out of 15 fired rounds, and the two times it did cleanly eject the cases, the trigger wouldn't pull on the newly-chambered round. Wondering myself if the $95 was ill-spent. :confused:

  3. rjmorel

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    Don't give up on it yet. All things are fixable ish.
    I'd clean the gunk out of it if you havn't already done so and try it again.
    Sounds like it needs a good cleaning for the misfires. When mine gets 50+ rounds thru it, the bolt sticks the last 1/32" so the firing pin won't impact the primer hard enough. If I manually push the bolt forward the last little bit it will fire. As it gets dirty , crud keeps the bolt back just enought to prevent it from firing.
    Ejection problems could be from worn extracters or crud not allowing the extracter to fully collapse around the shell to grab it good enough to pull it out. Dirty chamber causing to much friction so the shell sticks in the chamber may also hinder the shell from coming out easily.
    Also I suppose some ammo may not have enough oomph to cycle the gun correctly. Try several brands of ammo.
    I found a problem with mine and now it works pretty good. Up inside the chamber there is a spring loaded finger type thingy that the spring had worked out from under and was off to the side of the finger making the finger not work right. Had to take it all apart to get the spring back in , but now it works fine.
    Just thinking of things I would look at if my gun was doing what yours is. Hope some of it will help you to get it going again. They are a fun, accurate rifle to shoot. And for $95 a bargin. rj
  4. Bigdog57

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    The funky 'bolt holdback' feature is indeed as it is designed to operate. There were many variations of this design over the years, from several manufacturers and under different 'store brand names'.
    Mine is the Springfield M87A. It is quite a good shooter, and puts my much newer Ruger 10-22 Wally Mart Special rifle to shame. :)

    Numrich has the parts if you need anything - I believe they bought out the parts stock when this rifle was finally discontinued.
    Make sure to clean the magazine tube - internal and external. A lot of owners forget this step.