Western field 30-30

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  1. bama1965

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    From all appearances the western field 30-30 appears to be a marlin, that was stamped western field for sale in Montgomery ward department stores. Any info would be appreciated. Can a schematic for a marlin work for the western field?
  2. hiwall

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    Yes. The guns are almost the same. The off-brand ones usually had cheaper wood (birch rather than walnut) and sometimes they had different sights installed.

  3. c3shooter

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    Marlin DID make a 30 30 lever gun for Montgomery Ward- but so did Mossberg. What is your model number?

    As said- the store brand guns might be a touch plainer, but the majority of parts fit just fine.
  4. Rex in OTZ

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    Years ago I had a Western Auto Revelation 30-30 lever action that was essentially a Marlin 30AS, that was one the few with that unique barrel bands in front the Front sight.
    I dont remember the model number.
    It was abused and didnt group groups but patterns, thinking back on it, it would have been a prime canadate for a counter boring the muzzle.
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  5. 303tom

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    It is a Western Field what ? It`s in .30-30, but what model # is it ?......................
  6. Triumphman

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    I have a WesternField 30-30.

    It's a 1965 model w/walnut stock. Pristine condition and is a Marlin model.

    Biggest exterior difference is the buttstock won't have the Marlin medallion and the WF will have a rubber butt pad for recoil(like a shotgun). At least mine does.

    The Mossberg model of WesternFields, the trigger will fall with the lever action when cocking.

    There is also a Western Auto model called Revelation, that usually has a Deer carved into the stock like their 22 rifles have squirrels. Their stocks are hardwoods that aren't walnut.

    Tried finding a picture but wouldn't come up.
  7. big shrek

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    Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.
    Model Number on the rifle.

    As long as it is a Store Brand Marlin, the schematic will work...
    although, might want to check it against the Glenfield 30A/AS

    it should be a Western Field 33, or 740...let us know which ;)
  8. bama1965

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    Don't have it yet, won in online auction, will be a couple weeks probably. Appreciate all the feedback. Will post pics and model numbers as soon as I get.
  9. Triumphman

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    I totally forgot. The WesternField is model#740 if Marlin.

    I have a picture of mine. It's over on FirearmsPriceGuide.com and on the Forum area under "lever actions". You'll find it listed under my name, Delbert.

    I have since changed out the scope on it from one pictured. It's now wearing a Burris FullfieldII in 3-9x40.
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  10. F4U

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    I think there is somewhere on this site a list of store brands and who made them, I will try to find it.

    Found it!!

  11. Harleygunner

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    I also have a Westernfield 30.30 mod 740-A .It was manufactured by Marlin for Montgomery Ward in 1964. My dad bought it for me in 1965, my first rifle. Still have it today. It is essentially a Marlin mod 336. Great gun.
  12. Dallas53

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    many of the major gun manufacturers made "contract guns" for several different vendors like Sears, Montgomery Wards, K-Mart, Western Auto and several others. some of these vendors also would have several different gun manufacturers they would use to supply them with guns made for them. Sears at one time sold both the Winchester Model 94 and the Marlin Model 336 lever actions under similar model numbers. many times the model numbers and sometimes even the names used were specific for the vendor. many times these model numbers didn't correspond anywhere near the original manufacturers model numbers, so determining a particular gun by who manufactured it could be confusing as times. luckily many people have stepped up and researched these and compiled them into various lists to show which are which. usually as mentioned, the biggest differences between the two is that they would use cheaper woods for the stock, sometimes lesser expensive sights and many times would exclude doing any checkering to keep the costs down. as long as you find the correct original manufacturer and model, most of the operating parts will usually interchange and work.

    this is just a small list of those who made guns just for Sears. and the various models numbers and names used over the years.


    and i'm sure a search of others like Montgomery Wards and Western Auto would show some very similar as well.