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western auto

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hi everyone, i am looking for info on 22 western auto revelation rifle.
i know my dad bought it i am guessing in the late 60's or early 70's. any idea what it would have cost new and what it might be worth today? its a 22 cal S L L R ( whats that mean) model 110. who made this rifle? its in fairly good shape, has a scope, did they come with scopes or was that bought extra?
i also have a shotgun that was my grandfathers. i have limited info on it. its a doublle barrel, side by side about 4 ft long from the end of the stockto the tip of the barrel. the openings are about the size of a dime ( i'm thinkin its a 410?). it says royal gun works, belgium cast-steel with markings i cant make out for sure but i think it says JE( the j i am sure of) 1512. its not in the best shape, fair i would say. i am interested in knowing maybe what year(s) it was made, and did it indeed come from belgium?
thank you very much for info on these 2 looking forward to hearing from you all Ron
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Western auto, like Wards and Sears contracted guns to the major manufacturers. Need pics to really tell who made it. S L LR means Short, Long and Long Rifle. It will function with any of the three types of non magnum .22 rimfire ammo. It could be Remington, Winchester, Savage, Stevens or any number of other domestic makes.

The shotgun? Likely Damascus or twist steel barrels. DO NOT SHOOT modern ammo. VERY UNSAFE. Clean it up and hang it on the fireplace.
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