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western auto

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hi everyone, i am looking for info on 22 western auto revelation rifle.
i know my dad bought it i am guessing in the late 60's or early 70's. any idea what it would have cost new and what it might be worth today? its a 22 cal S L L R ( whats that mean) model 110. who made this rifle? its in fairly good shape, has a scope, did they come with scopes or was that bought extra?
i also have a shotgun that was my grandfathers. i have limited info on it. its a doublle barrel, side by side about 4 ft long from the end of the stockto the tip of the barrel. the openings are about the size of a dime ( i'm thinkin its a 410?). it says royal gun works, belgium cast-steel with markings i cant make out for sure but i think it says JE( the j i am sure of) 1512. its not in the best shape, fair i would say. i am interested in knowing maybe what year(s) it was made, and did it indeed come from belgium?
thank you very much for info on these 2 looking forward to hearing from you all Ron
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i'm not sure if these pictures will do or not, if not tell me what to take pictures of to help identify. thank you very much i hope the pictures work and go with this post, i'm very new to this kind of thing, thankx again


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hey thanks for the info! any idea of what it might be worth today? i have soemone kind of interested in buying it BUT i dont want to get taken, if you know what i mean. just a ballpark guess would be better than the idea i have which is absolutly NO idea thanks again
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