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There will be a Westchester County Legislation meeting this coming Monday. If anyone here could make it, it would be great. We have to show these politicians what we think of the "safe" act.

Below please find an email from Frank of Northern Westchester Rifle Association about the event:

"Since Governor Cuomo pushed through the NY SAFE Act in the dark of night, without any transparency or public input, and in violation of the New York State Constitution, approximately 50 County Legislatures (out of 62 NY Counties) have either approved resolutions opposing Cuomo's SAFE Act or have a resolution pending to do so. However, only one County, Westchester, has voted to support this unconstitutional legislation. On February 12, 2013, the Westchester County Board of Legislators voted unanimously to pass a Resolution that called for even stricter gun control laws. Westchester Legislators have demonstrated that they are obviously out of touch with the people here in Westchester and also with the majority of elected officials from other Counties across New York State by passing this Resolution. Their actions also indicate that they must not believe in the United States Constitution or the New York State Constitution, both of which are being violated by their Resolution. Their vote is a direct attempt to infringe on the 2nd Amendment Rights of all residents of Westchester County. We, who support the Constitution must send a message to these Legislators and demand that they immediately rescind their Resolution, and replace it with a Resolution which states the County's opposition to the unconstitutional NY SAFE Act. We cannot allow this Resolution to stand without challenging it. We must act, and act NOW!

Unfortunately, we only have one opportunity to make our voices heard. The Westchester County Board of Legislators is only scheduled to meet once during the month of March. That meeting is scheduled for 7pm on Monday, March 11, 2013, at the Michaelian Office Building, 148 Martine Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601 (at the corner of Court Street - opposite Macy's). We plan to hold a rally that evening outside of the building (on the Martine Avenue side by the flagpole) beginning at 6pm, prior to the meeting. Following the rally, we will proceed into the building and go up to the Legislative Chamber on the 8th Floor. There will be a Public Comment period, beginning at 7pm, prior to the regular meeting. We must sign up to speak before 7pm. We need to have a large turnout, if we hope to force the Board to change their opinion on this critical matter. We need to pack the Legislative Chamber and express our dissatisfaction with the Resolution that was passed. We must send a message to our County Government that their action was unacceptable, unconstitutional and un-American. We need to inform them that "We the People", will not tolerate their conduct and their blatant disregard of our Constitutional Rights. We need to make it very clear to these elected officials that November is not far away and that we will do all in our power to vote out those who do not properly represent us and protect our Constitutional Freedoms.

It is CRITICAL that we have a strong turnout at this Rally and in the Legislative Chamber following the rally. If we have any chance of winning this battle to protect our Constitutional Freedoms and preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights, we must continue to fight. The Rally in Albany last Thursday, sent a strong, united message to the State Government. Let's unite here in Westchester and send the same message to our County Government on March 11th. Our 2nd Amendment Rights are not negotiable and should not become part of the cowardly, politically correct games played by local elected officials. (Note: Daylight Savings Time begins on March 10th, so, we will have extended daylight for our Rally.)

If you value your Freedom, you will be there. I hope to see you ALL on March 11th. Bring family, friends and neighbors with you. Numbers show strength. This is a one time opportunity. Let's make the most of it! God Bless you all, and, may God continue to Bless America!

Yours in Liberty,

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