Went to the range...probably shouldn't have

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by mikemc, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. mikemc

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    I'm on the road, quite a few states from home, with no guns but a little time. So I decide to take in a local (to the area I'm visiting) gun shop/range and maybe shoot a few rounds.

    Now since I don't have anything with me I need to rent a gun and I figure I'll try out the Shield in 9mm. I'm not trying it out to buy it...I'm just getting in a little range time...really. I mean, my wife already made it clear that I cannot afford to purchase any more guns for the foreseeable future (I have purchased four in the past eight months) so, really, I'm just shooting to release a bit.

    Man does that Shield shoot nice. Too nice. Now I couldn't buy it it if I wanted to because they can't sell to someone from the state in which I reside but...

    One never knows what may happen down the road.;)
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    Haha. Good $hit!