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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by Txhillbilly, Nov 18, 2011.

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    It's been a while since I last shot at the range,so I picked up my shooting buddy Ryan,and we went to the range.Ryan has been down on his luck for a while,so I just brought several guns for us to shoot.
    RRA AR15 223 20" Varminter
    RRA AR15 458 SOCOM
    Winchester 94AE 44 Magnum
    Savage 110FLP 25/06

    Ryan has been itching to fire the 458,so this was the day for it.He fired off a few rounds and I was looking at the target.The rounds were shooting a little off.I developed these loads when it was warmer weather,and didn't think they would differ so much when it got cooler,but I guess I was wrong.This load was shooting around .750" groups,but it was way off yesterday.We both shot several groups out of it,and neither of us could get it to shoot well.
    Oh well,It's back to the drawing board on this load! STRIKE #1

    I had loaded up some 240gr JSP ammo with Titegroup powder for my 44 Mag rifle,just for a change from the hard hitting H110 loads.I needed to sight in the scope for these loads.
    1st shot at 100 yards hit about 4" low at 6 o'clock. 16 clicks up on the scope,shoot again-impact was 1' high and 6" left. WTF!!! Go down 4 clicks,shoot again,6" low and to the right.
    The scope on the Winchester has crapped out! STRIKE #2

    The RRA 20" Varminter always shoots good,and we were having fun seeing who could shoot the smallest groups with all the different loads that I brought.This rifle didn't let us down,and we were forgetting all about the other guns problems.

    The Savage 110FLP is like the RRA,a blind man could shoot good with it.We also competed with it,seeing who could out shoot the other. I'm sure glad I worked the problems out of this gun that I had when it was new.
    This is one of the best shooting rifles I have.

    Even with the problems,we had a very fun day shooting.And we still managed to shoot some pretty good groups with the 223 & 25/06.
    I took the bad scope off the Winchester when I got home,and there are some parts rattling around inside it.I replaced it with a spare scope,and I'll send the broke one in for warranty work.
    Now I'll just have to try some new loads for the 458,but it's still a work in progress.
    I didn't take any pics this time,sorry guy's! THB
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    It sounds like a good day. Some fun shooting and some bugs found that can be worked out. The range is always interesting. ;)

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    Sounds like a great day by any measure.

    Its always best to find the issues on the range instead of in the field.

    A suggestion, try 18.5 gr. of 2400 under those 240grainers. My carbine LOVES that recipe and the hornady xtp's cause some seriously impressive damage!
  4. winds-of-change

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    I'm glad you guys had fun. Part of the fun of going to the range is doing the 'fine tuning' things.