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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Catfish, Sep 18, 2007.

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    My cousin mowed some goverment ground that lays back in the midle of a secation, so I went back this morning to see if any coyotes were hunting mice there. Well I had a big disapointment, nothing there but a bunch of deer. There were 11 deer, 5 with horns and all I could do was set and waist my time watching them feed and play. I just hate to have to look at that big 11 point, what an ugly deer. :D Next time I`ll have my camera with me. They were from 200 to 400 yrds. and with my 1,300 mm lense I will be able to get some good pictures. The buck had all the velvet off their horns, but were just playing aand not getting serious about claiming does yet.
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    Once the season opens I bet that big buck becomes almost invisible. They don't live that long without knowing a thing or two about survival.:D Good luck on the pictures, would love to see some.