Welp, made good on an old promise...gotta NEW stainless shooter!

Discussion in 'Ruger Handgun Forum' started by StainlessSteel215, May 17, 2013.

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    I made a joke thread a while back that I realized I had not a SINGLE stainless steel firearm at that point. Traded them all for various firearms, all of which are black now.

    Then I spotted an offer I couldnt refuse on an auction site....

    Officially the owner of a shiny new low-glare brushed stainless Ruger SR1911 commander length. MAN do I love this pistol already...for the value its just perfect all the way through. I can get beyond the use of some MIM internal parts because I truly believe that the MIM process has improved greatly over the last 15 years....and the fit and finish and sweet a$$ trigger pull made my right hand melt, specially after adding Hogue finger groove rubber inserts under the wood grips ;)

    Pics to come!