Weird looking .45s

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  1. aandabooks

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    Made up just 10 lead 185 SWC in .45. I check the load recipe in Lyman 4th Edition Cast Handbook. I used 5.3 gr of Bullseye and set them right to the indicated OAL of 1.180". The bullet is seated below the level of the case lip. Is that normal with these loads? The cases measure right at .893" and the book says .888".

    Everything seems to be to spec but I'm a little concerned about how they look and if the lip will cause functioning issues in my 1911.
  2. locutus

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    Ya can't take these OAL measurements as gospel. They are general guidelines.

    You can always load longer than the book, just don't load shorter unless you've worked it up from minimum.

  3. Rick1967

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    If you load them too long they wont fit in the magazine. I was able to load a 200 grain swc for my Ruger P-90. But they were too long for my 1911.
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    I had some once. Some were seated deep, some were pretty long. They all worked in my milspec.
  5. aandabooks

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    So if I load them longer to not have them seated below the rim of the case, what will that do to the pressures? I can check to see how long a factory loaded round is and the OAL on these bullets in the book are near the lowest.
  6. JonM

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    Pressure doesnt really increase unless the bullet touches the lands or is loose in the case and gets jammed crooked in the chamber on firing.
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    1) As stated, the COL in the manual is what the test organization used. Usually, this is the SAAMI max for TESTING or shorter. This COL is no more than the minimum COL that the data applies to.
    2) It as been a "fact" for about 80 years that match/target grade lead bullets in the .45 Auto are loaded to just touch the lede/rifling of the barrel and no one has yet seen any high pressure because of this. This minimizes/eliminates head space and, in almost all cases, improves accuracy.
    3) If the loaded round doesn't look right, it probably isn't.
    4) reading the reloading manuals will help.
    5) For all SWC bullets, you should have, at a minimum, about 1/32" of the shoulder out beyond the case mouth.