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    So this past weekend I had a pistol class at the local sheriffs dept put on by their firearms instructors. I spent Saturday practicing so I didn't look foolish :eek:
    So Sunday we had the class which was awesome, these two instructors train most of the sheriffs dept and state police along with the swat teams. So they were very knowledgeable. It helped me alot just with going over proper stance, holding and trigger control. I started the class with my new xdm 9 and was doing pretty good but couldn't maintain tight groups or some drills they had us pick a spot and stack two or three shots up and I didn't have a chance at that, got it maybe two or three times. Then I switched to my new kimber 1911, WOW I consistently made tight groups and put shots where I wanted. The last exercise they had us use the remaining rounds we had loaded and just keep drilling the same spot and I ended up with about a 2-3 inch hole in my target :D everyone else wasn't even close :eek:
    So all I can say is I am a 1911 lover now, one of the best moves I ever made!!
    I went out again this week and can't hit **** with the xdm, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. All my shots keep going left so I guess its a trigger control problem I'm having. I guess I just have to keep at it and practice.
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    It sounds like a good time and an excellent learning experience. I'm glad you were able to experience it.

    And 1911's rock. ;)


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    Keep practicing with that XDM. The trigger pull is a little heavier than a 1911, so you may have to concentrate slightly more to account for that.

    Keep practicing. That XDM is accurate enough to make a big ragged hole in your target.

    ...and yes, 1911 pistols rock. :cool: