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  1. mattybock

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    So all the guns I've had have been paid for with cash. All the guns I've ever seen bought have been paid for with cash. I literally have never seen anyone use any other method. But then again... never seen a woman buy a gun, so maybe that explains the absence of credit cards? So, about what amount of your patrons pay with what method?

    Also, I'm planning on setting up a business website but don't know jack short of squat about services. Well, that's not true. I know squat. I don't know Jack.

    Anyway- If I had a mind to make a business website, how'd I go about doing that? What server would I go with?
  2. mountainman13

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    Don't know a thing about servers but I can tell you in my experience most customers paid with a card.
    If you're setting up online I would avoid PayPal. They are not gun friendly and will screw you if they get the chance.

  3. string1946

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    Most of the guns I have bought on line required a postal money order for payment. Most of what I buy are C&R's and come from collectors rather than dealers and most I deal with don't trust Cashiers Checks. I have bought from a few that excepted credit cards but they charged 3% extra if you use the card its probably worth it because if there is a problem with what you ordered that gives you more options.
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  4. pomfirearms

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    I take a lot of deposits to order guns via credit card. I have had some people pay for their firearms via credit card. Stay away from Paypal due to their antigun views.
  5. purehavoc

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    I think only 5 or 6 of my firearms transactions have been with a CC . Most all of mine are done as a cash transaction . Thats just my prefered method to pay ;)
  6. 1911love

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    I prefer cash as well and it saves you CC fees. I'd rather my LGS be upfront about the CC charges versus building in 3% to every transaction.