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  1. bkieffer

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    I am starting a new company that will primarily be selling firearms online and I was wondering if there was a way to get a database of FFL dealers for transfers or am I going to need to try to contact each FFL dealer individually to attempt to get them to work with my business?

    Basically, whenever someone purchases a firearm from my website, should I have a list of dealers who have already agreed to work with my website, or should I just use the ATF's huge database and make the purchaser find a dealer?
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    first of all, welcome to FTF! stop over in the Introductions Section and say hello to everyone.

    second, usually a person can find and FFL in their area by zip code that will handle transfers. if i'm not mistaken, you do have to have the FFL dealers information on hand before shipping can commence.

    personally, i wouldn't know exactly how you would compile a database, but it seems like a good idea, as it would give any purchasers a source of those who would handle the transfer for them. you could start a state by state database and then break it down into some sort of regions i guess.

    hopefully someone else will come along with some better information to assist you.

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    When a customer wishes to have a firearm transferred through my shop, I will either provide a copy of my FFL to the customer or FAX/email a copy to the seller.

    A courtesy copy of your FFL should accompany each firearm you ship.

    As your business grows, you can create a data base of those who are willing to do business with you. This way, you are saving time and money by not sending flyers to every swinging FFL out there.
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    Thank yall for the help. I just wish there was some sort of email list I could get my hands on to be able to send them a heads up
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    If you go to Gunbroker home page, use the "find a FFL" function. THOSE are FFLs that registered with Gunbroker as being willing to serve as a transfer FFL- not all dealers will do that. You plug in the zip code for locale, and it pulls up registered FFLs.

    It would be up to the purchaser to select a FFL. The FFL would then provide you with a copy of their FFL. You can go on line to EZCheck, and verify that information. Ship only to the address on the license.

    When you ship the firearm, include a copy of YOUR FFL so the receiving dealer can log it into his bound book.
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    Also welcome.

    The mail-order shops I know don't use a database of FFLs at random, they keep a database of FFLs that have sent a copy of the FFL to them. The responsibility is on the buyer to find the FFL and have the FFL send their certificate for shipping.

    Think of it. How many firearms are you going to ship to the same FFL? How many will change before you ship to them again? You're not selling to FFLs, you're selling to thew end buyer, who needs a FFL to handle the transfer.

    Also, not all FFLs will do a transfer, or will charge more than your buyer is willing to pay. When your buyer can go to Davidson's and buy from a Davidson's reseller pretty cheaply, why would they use you in the first place? All business decisions to think about.

    Good luck.