Webley 455 mk6

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    If anyone has a Webley Mk6 in 455,or similar, I managed to acquire some 45 Long Colt cases converted to 455 rev,from Buffalo Arms, Not being able to find a 455/265 grn hollow base mould .I necked the case down about 3/8" with the 45acp sizer die,and used the 230 45acp lead round nose which comes out at 452 and had a darned good shoot at 25yrds.I aimed dead centre with 10 rds.1st high at 1oclock.the remaining 9 in a 4" group just outside the black at 7pm.This makes reloading 455 for me a regular job from now on,plus it was a joy to shoot.an old fashiond Boom but with plenty of clout.