Web Site Loaded with Gun Facts

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Daoust_Nat, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Very long and nice. I read some of it but it was very good none the less.

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    I love having you guys to supply my ammo.

    I have been running an exercise in futility. A friend post all kinds of liberal dribble on Facebook all the time. Occupy this, NRA that, since Sandy Hook I have unblocked him from my news feed, so I can point out the flaws in his anti gun propaganda. He will not post about the UK or Australia after I directed him to the FBI and like websites for other countries and told him to ignore gun stats. Look at violent crime, rape, assault and the like.

    He still post liberal bs even after I pointed out the time just last year when somebody tried breaking into his house. While his wife, kids, and himself were sleeping. He even asked my advice on a home defense gun.

    Back to my point. Thanks to you guys I comment to every anti gun dribble with two fact pages and some personal commentary. Trying to get him to...well has I said its an exercise in futility. If at least one person looks at the comments and realizes they are in the real world, I win.