Weaver-mount Red-Dot to 1911; I need a mount

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by OldEagleEars, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. OldEagleEars

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    I've decided to put a little reflex red-dot sight on my Rock Island .22TCM 1911. After some shopping around online I ended up at Walmart to look at a Weaver-brand sight but ended up paying a bit more for a Bushnell First Strike because (a.) it seems better built and, (b.) the company is headquartered about ten-miles from my house! The next problem is mounting it to my pistol. The sight has a permanent Weaver/Pickatinny rail clamp so I need something with about two-inches of that over a 1911 dovetail. I know that Rocks have an odd-sized sight mortise so I'm prepared to do some modification IF such a rail/dovetail device exists! If not I will have to ask a machinist friend of mine if he can whittle one up for me (which may be my best bet anyway). If you have any advice or know of such a mount, please let me know on this forum. Thank you.
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    I got my mounts a few weeks ago, I got them from aim-trax.com , they were really cheap and had a worryingly large selection of everything....I ended up having kid in candy shop syndrome :)