Weaver Buck Commander

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    Anyone have any experience with this series of scopes? I am looking into the 3-12x50mm. I've never encountered this series in person. Are they any good? How is clarity? Would you recommend? Any info is appreciated.

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    No one else has replied, so here is what I know.

    Sorry, do not own one of the Weaver Buck Commanders.....do own other Weaver scopes and am quite happy with them. Mine are Weaver Super Slams, Grand Slams and the 40/44 models. The Slams are made in Japan and 40/44s in Philippines. But truthfully mine are under another name(s), being other brands owned by same company that owns Weaver, so they are same scopes as the Weaver models I listed. Mine havie basically same internals and optics as those with Weaver on them.

    A few of my shooting buddies that like Weaver scopes purchased about 5 of the Weaver Extreme scopes a couple of months ago when Natchez heavily discounted them. They were not very pleased with them.....a couple of scopes being returned for having a problem out of the box and my buddies biggest complaint was, the eye relief on them was TOOOOOOO Long. The long eye relief problem kinda amused me, since they own some big bore heavy recoil rifles.

    Anyway, I've read a few posts in the past on other optics sites concerning the Buck Commander scopes. Generally they were bad mouthed. But those posting negative things did not own one. They just disliked the gun rag writer/or gun guy the name of the scope was associated with. I faintly recall one person that actually owned one making a comment about their Buck Commander scope. Seems this person comment was something to the effect the scope was decent, nothing great about its optics when it came to brightness or clarity and that it seemed to track OK and etc.

    I don't think the Buck Commander is made in Japan (by LOW), which makes some darn nice higher end scopes for Weaver and other companies. Nor is it made in China like the lower priced Weaver Kaspa line of scopes. So, perhaps it is a scope made in same Philippines plant as the Weaver 40/44s, which are decent scopes.

    LOL, buy one and give us a good review.
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    Like Huffmanite said,It all dpends on where the scope is manufactured for Weaver,as to how good the optics actually are.
    I have a Super Slam,and a couple of Classic Extreme's.They are made in Japan,and are excellent optics with some really good glass.
    There's nothing wrong with the Philippine scopes,they just aren't made with the high quality parts/glass that the Japanese scopes are.Chinese scopes are just that,Chinese scopes!
    Weaver's still have a Lifetime warranty,and their customer service is very good,so if you have any problems with their optics they will take care of it.