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    I have a 30 year old Weaver 3-9 variable Micro Trac telescopic sight with a range finding dial on the front dome with the graduations of 15 yards, 25, 35, 50, 100, 200 and 1000.
    I have never used these graduations but kept it at just forward of 200 yards on my .22/250 with great success. I now have it on a .270 and finding it inconsistent over 150+ yards. The original handbook for this scope, if there was one, is long gone.
    Is anybody familiar with this scope particularly the use of the range finding graduations (apart from the obvious). There is a lot of dial travel between the 15 to 200 yard graduations but very little between 200 to 1000 yard graduations, where most of my shooting is done. More importantly at what distance I should sight the rifle in so I can use the graduations effectively.