Weatherby Vanguard Safety Notice

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    Was doing some research on the web reference considering the Weatherby Vanguard Rifle which is actualy made by Howa. While doing some research I cam across a Safety Warning and Recall Notice. So thought I would share it with the members in case they have a rifle in the below listed serial number ranges and have not seen the recall notice in the past.

    The following serial numbers were involved in the recall.

    Serial Numbers:
    0001-03810 / V00001-V80966 / VX00001-VX44065 / VS00001-VS23699
    VL00001-VL46984 / W0001-W0099 / NV0001-NV0099

    Contact is: Important Safety Notice Regarding Weatherby

    Tel. # 800-227-2018

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    Howa contacted all dealers when this 1st happened. My 1500 was at the end of this. There is a stamp on the replaced sleeve. I'll pull mine out is a day or 2 and post a pic.