Weatherby SA-459 TR Autoloader

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by NorthMtn, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. NorthMtn

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    I'm the very happy owner of a Benelli Nova (pump) 12 GA. Tactical shotgun. I'd love to buy a Benelli M-2 Tactical auto loader but not sure I want to spend the $1,300 price.

    I've read good reviews of the Weatherby SA 459 TA (tactical) 12 GA.

    Anyone on this forum have any experience with this model??
  2. ajrpara1911

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    Yes i have one its a great gun but there are some thing i dont like its only a 4+1 shotgun and it needs high powered loads to cycle properly but very dependable. My buddy has a mossberg 930spx and i was messing with it and its tube extenction threads on perfectly to my weatheby so with a little modding of tube will hold more. But great gun.

  3. Fsand03

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    Weatherby SA 459 TR

    I have a weatherby 459 TR in 20 gauge. My particular gun does not cycle with light loads. Cycling with heavy loads is good. I have not found a 20 gauge buckshot load to pattern well past 15 yards. I have found slug shooting at 100 yds with a rifled choke doable (for hunting use). Gun takes Beretta Mobil choke tubes.