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I always hear everyone talking about this rifle and that rifle, and comparing one to the other, trying to see what the best of the best is and seldom do you ever hear anything about Weatherby rifles, I'm kind of partial to Remingtons primarily because they are a fair deal for the money, and quality rifles, but when I think really nice rifle, with really nice quality I am thinking hands down Weatherby, with out spending huge money on a custom job.
I will be the first to admit Weatherby Cal's are some of the best in the world, on the magnum end of things, but the down side of that is they are so ridiculous in price, so I opt for the common chamberings, I have a Mark 5 that is a 30-378 that was left to me and the rounds at Gander Mountain are 125.00 per 20 rounds, (CRAZY)
I was just curious how many of you own Weatherby rifles and in what cal, and what your opinion is of there performance.

Thank you.

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Hi Rick,

I have a total of 4 Weatherby's. 2 Mark V's and 2 Vanguard's. The Mark V's are a Accumark in .338-378 Weatherby Magnum, and a Mark V DeLuxe in .460. The Vanguards are in .300 Weatherby Magnum, and .30-06. All are among the most accurate bolt guns I own. As far as the cost of ammunition, you have to handload if you are going to be doing any amount of shooting with the Weatherby calibers. As you mentioned ammo is off the chart expensive. Weatherby factory ammunition has been "watered down" over the years compared to what it was back in the 50's and 60's. One reason for this is liability, and the other is because there are a lot of Weatherby calibers chambered in non Weatherby rifles that do not have the freeboring Weatherby builds into their guns. The newer factory ammunition is safe to fire in these rifles. I think Weatherby has one of the best factory triggers in the business, bettered only by the Savage Accutrigger. The fit, finish, and attention to detail is very evident in my Mark V DeLuxe in .460. It, and the Accumark in .338-378 both have the Accubrake muzzlebrake. It cuts recoil in the .460 to about .375 H&H levels, and the .338-378 to about what my unbraked Remington 700 in .300 Win. Mag. is. Weatherby is one of the few makers that haven't sacrificed quality to keep the price down, which is the reason the prices keep climbing every year. I've had my .460 since 1999, and paid right around $1,700.00 for it. They now list close to 3 grand. The quality is every bit as good, however. I'm a happy Weatherby owner, and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. They build a beautiful, quality rifle. Bill T.

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I have 7 Weatherby's right now ... my sons and grandsons got quite a few from me over the years..

.300 Wby Mark V Deluxe w/ MagNa Port brake
7mm Rem Mag Mark V Accumark w/MagNa Port brake
7mm Rem Mag Synthetic (w/B&B alum bedded stock) w/MagNa Port brake
.257 Wby Vanguard Back Country (w/B&C alum bedded stock)
.270 Win Vanguard Back Country (w/B&C alum bedded stock) <<---Favorite
.257 Wby Vanguard Synthetic (w/B&C alum bedded stock)
.270 Win Vanguard Synthetic (w/B&C alum bedded stock)

I do qualify to go to the WEATHERBY section of Heaven.....I have the 3 which qualify me ....
300 Mark V Deluxe, any Mark V Accumark, and any model .257 Wby.....

I replaced the stocks that came with the synthetic Vanguards w/ Bell & Carlson full alumin bedded socks, and then I custom painted them with Krylon Fusion paint for plastic. They came out great.
Note: after 7 days of "curing" time the paint has chemically bonded to the stock...chip and crack proof.....
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