Weapon of choice?

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    What weapon would you choose for a survival weapon?
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    WASR-10 and similar rifles are really hard to kill. You can submerge them in mud, pick 'em up and fire them. No problem.

    But...I went for an AR15. Extremely accurate, also reliable (but not as tolerant of crud as an AK47), simple, light and cheap, lightweight ammo, all kinds of ways to customize it to exactly what I want, etc.

    How 'bout you?


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    my Romak and M14A
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    I think the most versatile firearm a person could own would be a good and accurate .22LR bolt rifle. Given a good calm hand and excellent stalking, it will kill any non-carnivore in north america, and would do OK on small bears.

    I have personally killed a 2200lb Charolais bull with one shot from a 6" barreled Ruger standard pistol, using target velocity ammo, and dozens of very large pigs, plus smaller steers, horses, goats, etc.
    Ammo is the very epitome of light, cheap and easy to carry, it'll be availble for decades even if the factories would stop making it tomorrow.
  6. rachilders

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    A very good point! I have a ROSSI matched pair with .22/12 gauge barrels and can easily hit a soda can, using the iron sights, at 100 yds. Even better is it only cost $100 NIB!

    As I said in my previous post, my choice of firearm would depend on the particular "survival" situation (civil breakdown, natural disaster, wilderness survival, etc), but a good .22 rifle is probably the most versatile gun you can carry in the majority of situations. In fact, when I found myself preparing for potential outdoor emergencies in the late 70's thru 90s, my gun of choice was a Savage combo rifle/shotgun. It was a double gun, with the upper barrel in .22LR and the lower barrel (both 16") in 20 gauge. It broke down in seconds and easily fit into a backpack. I owned that gun for years and finally sold it to a co-worker who used it when backpacking. I tried to buy it back a few years later, after Savage quit building the gun, but he refused to sell it and I got the ROSSI instead. Still wish I had that Savage...


    Hello all

    New member Ron = Seresurplus, what would I carry? Well, thats easy, what I carry and use now? I use an Older (Re-Built) Egyptian Copy of the Russian AK-47 called the Maddi! It's totally ready for most needs, uses Hi Cap magazines and Will take Russian, Chinese as well as others Spare Parts! I have (6) 30's and (2) 20's in the way of Mags for it and I have owned it for about 12 years now! It's been with me through thick and thin and I got it from a Buddy going through a realy bad divorce, he sold it to me on payments as I was not working full time then! I find the 7.62X39 as a good all around caliber and It has Taken a small deer and when a Black Bear came into our Camp, I was Ever so Glad It was there, over my Car-15! LOL Hope to hear from you all soon!

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    Remington 870 12ga., assortment of birdshot, 4 buck, 000 buck and slugs.

    The sound of a single rack will cause anyone but a crack head to flee !

    Works on anything with 2 or 4 legs !
  9. Brent L

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    Firearm sounds better than weapon. Sustenance - Rem.870 12 bore. Survival - FAL .308. Both - break action .22/20 bore. Ridiculous to limit on self to one firearm. Pistol might be handy too.
  10. jtoddellis

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    If I could take only what I could carry on the run. I would grab my AK. and my 1911. I keep the AK in a tac case with 7 loaded mags. 6 30rnd and 1 20rnd. That gives me 200 rounds at quick access. I would also grab my small range bag which holds my 1911 6 loaded mags and 100 rounds of ammo. I also have a dry box with 1500 rounds of ammo for the AK, but theres no way I could carry it.

    For survival I could take deer, squirrle and rabits with the AK. I'm not sure how valuable my 1911 would be unless someone was after me.

    If survival is the only goal a .22 rifle would be ideal. You could tote way more ammo and you could take anything from rodents to deer with a propperly placed shot.
  11. pioneer461

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    If you mean street survival, then I would choose one of my .45ACPs.

    If we're talking about wilderness survival and I could only choose one firearm, I'd probably select my Marlin 336, .30-30 lever gun.
  12. cnorman18

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    Short-term (a temporary crisis, like a local disaster or terrorist attack): any good, rugged rifle in .308, .30-30 or 7.62x39. I'd like an HK-91 or an FN-FAL.
    Long-term (total breakdown of society): any good .22 with as much ammo as you and yours can carry. I like the Browning .22 auto and Marlin .22 lever guns, but there's much to be said for the Henry survival rifle (e. g. It floats).

    An HK .308 or AR-10 without ammo is just a very expensive club, and if the Wal-Mart is never going to be open again, that .22 will still be shooting when the AK has become a doorstop.
  13. SabreArms

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    Mark 19 should cover all survival issues :D

    Or my AK
  14. Bear_Down

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    Savage 99 in 308cal .
  15. 1984cj

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    For woods survival a Thompson Contender with a small game barrel (.22 LR) and a large game barrel in a caliber like .223 or 30-30 (there is no really large game where I am).
    For urban survival I would want a high cap semi auto hand gun and a small, large magazine capacity carbine in a relatively common caliber like .223.
  16. Dutch

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    I hunt with a winchester 95 carbine in 30-06. I've grown rather fond of it.
  17. River Bend

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    depends on situation

    Distance = Savage Police Tactical 110
    200 yards or less = Bushy M4
    100 yards or less = Mr T sytle SS Folder Mini 14
    50 yards or less = Remington 100
    15 yards & closer = Glocks, XD's, etc
  18. bophi

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    ones choice

    A M6o Tank
  19. AR Hammer

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    I've written several articles about his very subject down through the years, and I'm always amused at how my opinion changed as I got older...

    When I was very young and living at home on the farm, a bend in the river pretty far out in the 'Boonies', I considered my .22 WMR rifle to be just about the top of the heap.
    There was no small game safe, and it made me a good chunk of change when I was fur trapping in the winter & ground hog, coyote & wild dog hunting for money in the summer.
    Groundhog & muskrat 'Pest Control' paid between $1 & $2 each out of the neighbors pastures, garden patches and crop fields,....
    Chicken & turkey farmers paid between $5 & $10 each for Coyotes.
    Sheep, goat, hog, horse and cattle farmers would fork over $5 to $15 each for coyotes or wild dogs.
    Not bad returns for a 12 to 15 year old kid,
    And bullets at the time cost me about 3.5¢ each, so that made for some real profit margins in my 'Sport'...

    Squirrels, Rabbits, Turkeys & Ground hogs on the table and coon hunting for sport. It was hard to be the .22 mag!

    It may have stopped more than one deer, and some geese, ducks, pheasants, gunnies, quail, ect...
    (but I can't say for sure, since that would have been illegal in this state.:eek: )
    And it put down farm animals, hogs, cattle, sheep & goats when we slaughtered at home on at the neighbors.

    It was my constant companion, totally trust worthy and reliable, accurate and non damaging to my shoulder, ear drums or budget.

    After joining the military, I got 'Serious' about 'Survival'.
    I bought up an AR-15 and about 15 other calibers of rifles and pistols and 'Stored' them for the 'SHTF' day!
    Since I was a 'Long Range Tactical Marksman' (didn't have the 'Sniper' program yet then) I just had to have a variety of long range .308 and .300 mag rifles with optics that cost more than my car did!
    (Did I mention how expensive this stuff was and how little I used it?)

    Of course, that 'SHTF' day never came, and I nearly went broke trying to keep up with security concerns, rotation of the 15 different kinds of ammo, and my stock piles of batteries, 'Survival Food' and all the other crap I though I needed...
    Storage and rotation of stock became a large & expensive problem!

    After living through hurricane Andrew, I found out what it means to be in a survival situation, and attitude has changed about 360°...

    Now that my eyes don't focus in 3 planes anymore (over 40) I need a shot gun for some things, but I sill like my .22 WMR for most things...

    Now I have a Over & Under, .223 on top with a .22 WMR insert so I can shoot my favorite rounds, and a 20 Gauge shot gun barrel down low for when my eyes let me down or I run into something bigger than I want to try with a .22/.223 round.

    Don't get me wrong, I still have AR format rifles for ammo wasting, some in .223, two in 7.62X39mm, a few other calibers (you can get .22 LR conversions for the .223 rifle and that makes them twice as handy!).
    And there are three or 4 long range .308 or .300 mag rifles around here, along with some 12 gauge shot guns I've accumulated through the years, but nothing has brought home more game or taken care of more 'varmints' than the trusty shot gun or .22 rimfires!

    My vote is for an O/U in .22 or .223 top and 20 or 12 Gauge lower. There is nothing you can't stop, drop or deal with, with out the worries of a semi automatic rifle or 'machine pistol' type firearm...
    No magazines, no clips, no gas pistons, no feed jams, no worries about someone getting the idea to 'Ban' it, no need for mountains of spare parts since these things live forever.
    Just a good, solid, reliable, accurate food on the table arrangement!

    If you are expecting the 'Heathen Hordes', the may I suggest some thing I leaned in the military...
    It's called "Weapons Systems" or "Weapons Groups"...
    If you have a 9mm pistol, then don't buy a .45 cal carbine!
    If magazines interchange, so much the better!

    A good group would be a 9mm Glock compact, a 9mm Glock long slide, a 9mm carbine that used Glock based mags... Ect.
    If you are expecting human waves, then there are scads of carbines and sub guns that fire the 9mm cartridge.
    I found out first hand that the 9mm round IS NOT a man stopper in NATO/surplus form.

    I personally like the .45 ACP in the 1911 format, so I have a compact, long slide (lots of parts interchange in the likely event something might break), and a 'Camp' carbine that uses 1911 magazines.
    Since I have an AR in .45 ACP, that covers my 'Rapid Fire' carbine, but you could have anything from a 'Grease Gun' to a 'Thompson' in the same caliber.

    Same thing is true with rifles,
    If you choose the .223/5.56x45mm NATO version of rifles, you can have an AR, Mini 14, Cal tech, or a host of others for a 'Lead Slinger' rifle, and pinpoint .223 rifles are very easy to find.
    Ruger and Savage make particularly fine shooting BOLT rifles that are very reasonalby priced when you need a tack driver for something.

    If you prefer the .308/7.62x51mm Nato, there are some really fine offerings on the market.
    Same deal here, An AR-10 is a hyper accurate .308 version of the Semi/Auto AR platform that uses modified M-14 mags most of the time.

    If you are not hung up on the military 'Combat Caliber' thing, then you may want to consider an AR-10 in a short magnum caliber.
    I have one in .300 WSM, along with a Savage varmint rifle in the same caliber, and I just can't say enough good things about the pair!

    If you are worried about ammo, then pick a military caliber.
    You can stock pile ammo, and components to reload for cheap!
    Most military ammo stores really well and remains reliable for many years if treated with even a little respect.

    Here is another bit of food for thought...
    .30 caliber is .30 caliber...
    Same bullets, same powders, same primers...
    .30-30, .308 Win., .30-06, .300 WSM, .300 WinMag, .300 Weatherby, the list goes on for hours...
    All .30 cal bullets, all large rifle primers, all take mostly the same powders.
    With components and a few sets of reloading dies, you have a new profession that will be in big demand in the 'SHTF' world...
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