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What does your brass, specifically your primer, look like that goes bang? Can you post some pictures?

That's a pretty big jump to "not reliable" based on what you posted, could be a depth of the firing pin issue, or a damaged pin perhaps?. How many rounds have gone through the gun? What kind of routine maintenence have you performed?

I don't know anything about the brand, but I have rarely, ever, see a gun come through the shop where I spend some time that has an issue like this that isn't a piece issue and not a construction/engineering issue. But, there is a first time for everything.


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1911 Sam Wesson?

Hello all/Resonce to Ish and Dillinger


I've not heard of that Brand, do you mean Dan wesson?

I have to agree with and Echo Dillingers questions? I'd look at changing a few things, before giving up on it and calling it "UNRELIABLE"? Could be all sorts of problems? I'd look to try Different ammo, first! Then, as Dillenger said, I'd look hard at what your primer strikes look like on the fired brass?

If it's the same reguardless of different ammo, you might have:

1. Weak mainspring - Replace it, with a Wolff kit
2. Bad Firing pin - Look for wear and broken off tip, this will show on Primer strike area
3, Dirty or rusted firing pin, spring or firing pin chanber
4. Overall Dirty or Foiled firing area of Bolt and weapon? Scrub all parts and examione while your clening them out?

Just a few things to try, all else fails, take it to a 'GUNSMITH", where he will do all we recommended above and charge ya money to do it? LOL Seriuoly, do all that, let us know what ya find? we can help ya get it working right!

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+1 Ron. If it is newer, send it back for repair. If it is older, first clean the firing pin channel. Have the firing pin protrusion checked to insure the FP is long enough. Then replace the main spring. Insure you don't have faulty ammo, it happens.

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SAM Wesson?

I know I'm not up to speed on the latest guns and gear, and am constantly learing new stuff, but I've never heard of Sam Wesson.

Is that some sort of nick-name for S&W?

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