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Are the fights starting?.
Now, these comments are only pointed to the folks that live near the Denver metro area.
Now I speak from being a active member in the recall efforts for Fields,McLachlan and Hudak and last but not least Salazar. That means I have been to the meetings and will be at the future meetings.

Now at this point in time, we need support. You want to defend your rights. I need you to get off, your couch and put the beer down. Their are hundreds of members in this forum,that can show up to the meetings and get ready to put in your time. Instead of sitting at the keyboard and giving your keyboard support.

Please, if you wish to get active, please Join the mail list

With the thousands and thousands of gun owners in the Denver area, we can get more than 50 people showing up at these meetings and low as 7.

People Colorado is the proving ground for the rest of the states to follow, we have to get our act together.

Thanks, and hope to God, we see you at a meeting....

P.S. sorry for grammar issues and spelling, just a guy trying to defend our rights.

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