We must be ready to advance liberty and freedom

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    "Many of you are probably growing very tired of people who choose to keep their heads buried in the sand in regards to the current state of our nation. I’m sure you have encountered these types of people in your daily activities. They’re the ones who say they hate politics and would rather ignore the obvious than embrace the truth. Whenever you bring up an important issue that could very well impact them or the country as a whole, they tune you out because they simply do not want to hear it."

    We must be ready to advance liberty and freedom | SENTRY JOURNAL

    How is this tied to the 2nd Amendment and gun laws? Imagine bho and this administration getting 4 more years and 3 more supreme court justices, say good-bye to the right to keep and bear arms. My $.02, get involved, get your friends and family involved and start now.
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    We're already off the map with regard to individual liberty being crapped on and the time has long passed when we should have (or could have) done something to fix the problem in a lawful, peaceful fashion. IMO, the seriousness of the fiscal crisis must eventually result in riots and general mayhem; either the money paid out for social programs will be cut or it won't buy anything. Either way, people will turn to violence. (Think I'm nuts? Look at Wisconsin and what happened when people were asked to make a very small contribution to their own benefits.)

    As for the RKBA, that isn't something that can be taken away. You, as an individual, can give it away if you choose to comply with more onerous laws, but no law can make it illegal or morally wrong. I know I won't be complying with any new bans or registrations.

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    I come across way too many people who say they don't like politics or don't care, or can't be bothered. I am amazed and saddened by just how many people have no interest in understanding or being active about our rights and the state of the country! I do always stand ready to try to guide them to understanding the conservative ideals of constitutionality and free markets. More folks really need to get their heads out of their arses!