We moved to our BOL, now the real work begins

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    We're here, but that's just a start.

    I've made the third bedroom a storage room and started unpacking foodstuffs. It's the first time I've ever seen all the food in one place and I now realize that we have to add more. I thought we had a fair amount, but it looks like six to eight months worth if we really stretch. I want us to have a year plus and we really need even more for friends who may show up.

    We've also got to buy a new wood stove because the one that was here wasn't "certified" and had to be removed and destroyed. That will come next week or by mid January depending on money on hand. (large unexpected expense)

    The previous owners left over a cord of wood, but that won't get us through the Winter. So we'll probably have to buy some for the short run. Come Spring I'll cut some trees and rent a splitter to get a supply in. There's enough dead trees or trees that should be cleared/thinned just around the house to lay in quite a few cords.
    There's one of those canvas carports on the back side of the shop that will be perfect for wood storage.

    We have three water sources, the main supply is spring fed water with a holding tank, a new well and a large year round creek right outside the door. The well is capped and I want to install either a hand or solar pump. (another large expense) So I feel really good about the water supply. We also have filters, 5 gal water containers and two 55 gallon water drums. Got a Waterbob for the one bathtub too.

    The garden area is terraced on a slope and it needs to be enlarged, tilled and amended. There are three patches of lawn, two of which are very good candidates for gardens if necessary. We'll keep them for looks right now, but we can more than double our garden space by converting them.

    I haven't touched the shop yet and I am still appraising the security situation. I'll post more as we go along.
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    Guess we will not do that shoot for awhile. Sorry we never got together.

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    That sounds great. Two years later, I still have boxes that aren't unpacked. I should probably just throw them away, but it's not in my nature.

    It will take a while to get settled in, then you start the long list of the to-do's It's fun, hard work, and satisfying.

    I am very happy for you.