We had to put down one our pups today

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  1. Bigcountry02

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    We had to put down Denali, the brother to Sedona. Denali was having problems, even the vet it was time. We adopted him with Sedona in the summer of 2008, brother and sister are now with each other, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. :(

    He never had any medical issues, at all except the problem he had. It seems he started to go down hill after Sedona was put to sleep in December 2012. He weighted at one point 110 pounds, today he only weighted 59.1 pounds. His muscle mass was not there, walking for him was torture, you could see it in his face, when he struggled to get up. His bowel movement was one of the final factors to have him put to sleep. He was hearing loss, some tones; but, mostly movements. His eyesight was not good either. He was not eating much at the end; but, when he did eat, he would lick the bowel clean.

    He did love the peanut butter and bacon bars.

    Give him a hot dog and this boy would go to town.

    He loved the snow, when it snowed. He would do this howl that would make you laugh so hard you would pee your pants.

    The pack is very quiet, you can hear a pin drop.

    Rest in Peace Denali! You will be missed!

    Denali in 2009

    Denali's last picture in the house, he only weighted 59.1 pounds

    Denali resting after sedative, this is the most peaceful moment he has had in awhile, since Sedona was last to rest
  2. Axxe55

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    sorry to hear that BC. i know it's hard, but you probably did the most humane thing by putting him down. it's never easy losing one of our furry family members.

    you have my sympathies brother. :(

    two other members, (PureHavoc and Ellis36) both lost their furry family members recently.

    many of us feel and understand what you are going through.

  3. eatmydust

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    Losing friends and loved one's is always difficult, it's not meant to be easy. You can be proud that you gave Denali, Sedona and your other furred friends a good home for the time they were/are with you.

    My condolences and sympathy.
  4. winds-of-change

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    I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you at this time. Losing a beloved pet is never easy.
  5. purehavoc

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    I feel for you brother , We had to put our big dog down also . It was one of the most heart wrenching times for me . We were just a few months shy of his 13th birthday . Never ever though it would be so hard . I always thought I was stronger than that but when that day comes its a whole different story .
    We picked him out at 4 weeks old , the wife and I got married, went on our honey moon and picked him up about 30 days later . Its been the best 12 years I have ever had with a animal . He always showed you lots of love , was the protector of our home and asked little in return .
    God speed buddy and our animals will forever rest in our hearts
  6. G30USMC

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    Sorry for your loss, thoughts and prayers to you
  7. WebleyFosbery38

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    Sorry to hear that BC! Sad but peace will come in time. I miss my past Pups more than people that have passed...
  8. DrFootball

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    Very sad to hear. We will say prayers for them both. Gator will say something on his Facebook as well today.

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  9. Defiant_one

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    Very sorry for your loss

    It is heartbreaking when we lose the dearest friends we could ever have...but be proud that you gave them the life they deserved (peanut butter bacon bars, hot dogs, love...you loved them). So they had a good doggie life on this side and now they will romp and play together on the other...
  10. LoniJo

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    I am so sorry. It's so hard to lose them. People who don't have pets don't really understand how much we love them....they are so much more than pets to us. My heart goes out to you, and the others who recently lost their furry babies.
  11. DrFootball

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    +100. I don't know what I'd do if I would not be able to look at this face every day..... ImageUploadedByFirearms Talk1403824551.128741.jpg

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  12. rockratt

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    My condolences for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family!!!
  13. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

  14. DrFootball

    DrFootball disappointed & disgusted, But DETERMINED... Lifetime Supporter

    www.facebook.com/Gator the Old English Bulldog(ge)....."He posted" his condolences a few hrs. ago.,...

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  15. bobbygeegee

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    I'm very sorry for your loss of Denali and Sedona. May they both RIP. I know it's heartbreaking. I've also been there twice. I lost Abby at age 14 about 3 years ago. She was a beautiful Springer Spaniel and my constant companion. Kitty about 8 months ago. A sweet and lovable lap kitty who was also with me for 14 wonderful years.
  16. Bigcountry02

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    Thanks All! Today has been hard. The remaining pups have been very quiet, as well as the 3 birds we have. Not even a peep from the birds, they knew it was his time. :(

    Again Thanks All!

    We retired Denali's leash, collar, tags and bowl with the others from the 3 other furry friends that have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Rico 18+ years, Heidi 2+ years, Sedona 13+. Denali was 14 years old, estimated.

    We will get a paw cast of Denali to go with the others.
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  17. dango

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    I lost my best dog this past October , cried like a baby . I'm so sorry for your loses and feel your pain . They are not just dogs , they are family ! Five weeks ago , I finally got another shelter dog but , he will never be the one I lost .

    He has found his own way to my heart and I have another companion ! It's the only way to move forward , a new family member but , it is taking awhile .

    So sorry for your loss .
  18. Dearhunter

    Dearhunter Supporting Member Supporter

    I am so sorry for your lose. I have gone through this and it is painful. Each day that passes things get a little better. But you will never forget the love you shared with your dog. (that's the good part)

    Hang in there.
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  19. kfox75

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    DH said it better than i can. i had to put down my golden\collie mix 3 years ago, and it still hurts from time to time. she was an intervention rescue on my part, 6 months old, broken hind leg, ribs and front paw, and she was only 18 pounds when my vet put her on the scale. to say she was in rough shape is an understatement. if i had not taken her, she would have been dead within a few days.

    a couple years after this, she had gotten out of the puppy stage, and had mellowed out. she did have minor issues with seperation anxiety and submissive urination for most of her life, but overall she was a happy, loyal, and healthy dog. It took a lot of work on my part to bring her to this point. she weighed in at 95 to 100 pounds, and was taller and thinner than a golden would be, kind of had the collie's lankiness.

    when my first wife left, she took the dog with her. every time she let the dog out, she would escape and make her way home to me. after 2 weeks of the dog not eating for her, escaping to my place, and growling at my replacement, she gave up and told me to keep her.

    when my current wife and i finally accepted the signs and got together, lady bonded to my daughter as well. if she was out, i was the one she followed around, but when she was home, i was in second place. she would split time at night between the bedrooms during the night to keep an eye on both of us.

    in 2009 i found a lump on one of her front legs. we took her to the vet, and the lump was removed and biopsied. non cancerous tumor, retrievers are prone to them, so they are no big deal. she had a couple more pop up between then and late 2010, and all were handled the same way. in early 2011, we noticed that she had started to loose weight, and didn't seem to have as much energy as she used to. we figured it was old age, and thought nothing of it at first. soon after, a large tumor started to form on her abdomin, so we took her to the vet to get it checked. this time, it was the worst news we could have gotten. cancer.

    the vet told us that she had maybe a couple of months left, as it didn't seem to cause her discomfort at that point. take her home, keep her comfortable, and enjoy the time you have left. when the time comes, let me know and we'll take care of her for you. the part that got me is, our vet had tears in her eyes and a hitch in her voice when she said this. she'd gotten attached to her too.

    we had her put to sleep in late june of 2011. my wife, my ex, and i were there in the room with her when her heart beat it's last. in the end, she knew she was loved. my uncle and a close family friend dug the grave in our garden for her while we were at the vet's office, and she took the rest of the night off to help with the burial. (where in the hell did i put that box of kleenexes?) burried with her is a bottle of labatt's blue, her favorite. i would open one, and have to pour it into a dish for her, otherwise she would tip the bottle over and lick it off the floor. lol. her leash still sits behind the seat in my truck, and her tags are on my key ring. can't tell i miss her, can ya? :)

    it's gonna hurt for a while, that is the price we pay for their love and devotion, but soon you will be able to look back and smile. so much happiness leads to some pretty bad pain, but it is worth it in the end. we have gotten another dog, my wife's lab who came from a similar situation. she is not a replacement for lady, i don't expect her to be. each dog is just as unique as each one of us is.

    you and your's are in my thoughts and prayers.


    1997 to 28 June, 2011.

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  20. DrFootball

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    We lost Mo( Shlomo) 2 yrs. Ago at 4-1/2 due to heart failure. The trip west freaked him out and Stressed him, he was also a Bulldog, but a std. English,...

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