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    Finnish Suomi M31 Parts Kit 9mm

    YOU WILL BE CHARGED WHEN YOUR ORDER IS PLACED UNLESS YOUR ORDER IS CALLED IN. The Suomi ("Finland") submachine gun was developed by Finnish arms designer Aimo Lachti in 1920-1930 period and adopted by Finnish Army in 1931 as Suomi-KP Model 1931, or simply KP-31. (KP stands for Konepistooli - Automatic Pistol in Finnish language). Suomi SMG was manufactured by Finnish company Tikkakoski Oy, and licensed to Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. Used mostly by Finnish and Swedish armies, it was also widely exported into Baltic countries, some European and South American countries. Suomi was used with great success during Winter War of 1940 against the Soviet Union, when, wisely used, this SMG showed to the world the importance of the submachine guns to the modern warfare. Manufacture of the Suomi was ceased in Finland in 1944, but it was used well until the 1990s, when finally rendered obsolete and replaced by modern military rifles. Parts kit are De-Milled To B.A.T.F.E. Specs. No Magazine is Included. All Kits are Used Good Condition. Kits come with the De-Milled Receiver Chunks That are cut horizontally, leaving the trunnions intact.