We don't know why but we are offended

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    Yeah- Italian friend, took me out for real Italian meal. After coffee, told me we would have some Grappa as a chaser to the coffee. Knocked back a shot, told him I did not know that Grappa meant "lighter fluid". THAT crap will eat the wax off a floor tile.
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    I've drank grain alcohol that had better taste than Jager!
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    What is Grappa?

    The main ingredient of grappa is pomace, which consists of the grape skins, seeds and stalks that are left over from the winemaking process. These are taken through a second process of distillation, which extracts the remaining flavours from the pomace before the waste is discarded.
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    IMO a lot of the present crop of 'troubled youth' need taking out to the desert and leaving there.
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    As an aside, a couple of years back a few so-called 'New Swiss' from 'thee middil ist' got together and burned the Swiss national flag, saying that they were offended by it and felt obligated under their laws to destroy the symbol of oppression represented by the white cross on a red background. (Huh?)

    After they were all arrested they explained their actions to the slightly bemused panel of judges hearing the case.

    Unsurprisingly, the judges had this to say -

    1. This is Switzerland, not some butt-wipe dump in 'thee middil ist. where you escaped from to make a better life.

    2. That better life is instilled in OUR laws, and the keeping of them by the citizens of this country, and one of those laws states that it is a federal offence to publicly destroy the national flag.

    3. If, having been accepted into Swiss society as a citizen, you still feel honour-bound to behave the way you probably did back in your former country of residence, which STILL has stoning to death for adultery as part of its basic laws, as well as honour killing of daughters by fathers who are offended by their daughter's unwise choice of husband, and eight-year-old girls getting 'married' to eighty-year-old men, then you must feel free to return to where you can burn as many Swiss national flags as you can take with you.

    4. To assist you in the matter. this court hereby revokes your Swiss citizenship, and advises you that if you are still here in Switzerland, a country that took you in, fed you and gave you a home, a job AND citizenship, in fourteen days time, you will be arrested and put on an aeroplane and forcibly repatriated.

    5. You are also prohibited from returning to any part of Switzerland at any time in the future.

    6. Meanwhile, you are each fined CF10,000. Please pay at the door on your way out.
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    Several years back, did an insurance inspection of a private school. This was a "last chance before you are getting locked up" sort of place. Had a track record of 97% graduating, going on to college, never being seen in the justice system again.

    Yer hungry? Here is your budget for food. Yes, we will teach you how to cook it. If you want steak tonite you are going to be eating oatmeal for breakfast.

    Your classroom is cold? There is a wood fired boiler, there is a bowsaw, and there are the trees. Yes, we will teach you how to use a saw. Showers get hot water same place.

    Need a place to sleep? We will show you how to build quarters for you and your mates.

    Bored? We outscout the boy scouts. Camping, canoeing, fishing, climbing.

    Academics? Accredited high school. B average- you qualify for the summer trip- a week anywhere in the US you and your group pick. A average- trip now includes Europe.

    There were two counselors to an 8 member group. They lived with the students.

    Parents object to how staff is treating little Chuckie? We are so sorry things did not work out. Come pick up Chuckie, and good luck to you.

    School was sort of tough love distilled- and the kids loved it.
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    That sounds like a great experience. I wish my high school had done some of that.
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    So they didn’t have a safe place they could go cry in the corner in when someone hurt their feelings?
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    Also had a shortage of corners.
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    Sounds like a well rounded school.
  11. Les Moore

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    Somebody dredged up something, which they perceived might be offensive to somebody,
    at some point in the future, then sought a court ruling about it?
    I just wish I had that kind of extra time on my hands. Is there any chance these people might want to do something constructive, with their time?
    Because I've got a pole barn which needs rebuilding, a house that needs to be repainted, manure to be spread on the fields, some new siding on the shed, three decks that need new planking, my truck needs new brakes, the road out front needs to be resurfaced, and that's just a start.
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    Mate wait till you try Arak the Lebanese spirit drink. It's a clear spirit like vodka and when you add water to it it goes milky and has a kick like a mule.
    I 've seen some of the Lebs set fire to it to take the sting out of it and it burns a blue flame and it's basically shotgunned and not sipped.

    I've tasted it and it's pure rocket fuel, you could blow stumps, degrease engines, clear drain blockages, brush your teeth and strip paint with it.:D
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    Bear- yep, done that. Stuff is like grappa stirred with a licorice stick. Rumor was it would eat the chrome off a car bumper. Like absinthe, there is an oil in there that dissolves in alcohol, but not in water. Add water, oil drops out of solution, giving that cloudy look.

    Cannot think of any place I have ever been that did not have some form of homemade booze- legal or otherwise.
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    Id you think Ratzeputz is bad, try to gag down this crap.

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    Although I was born in Germany and we left a year later, I have no thoughts for a second citizenship...
    I first came to know Jägermiʃter while in the army. A sergeant that had been stationed in Germany always threw parties to sell his drugs. I went just to pick up chicks and could not stand that cough medicine...:eek:
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    Is this place still around? Sounds like a first rate education.
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  17. c3shooter

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    Ni idea if they are still there. Fairly remote location in VA. They probably got an edjumacator upset because they were restricting enrollment to males, and were not teaching about safe spots, microtriggers and the like.
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    Jaeger offends me, I hate the licorice flavor

    Ouzo! Goldschlager! BASTA!

    Chartreuse =EXTRA VILE!
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    I love a shot or two of Sambuca now and then.
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    What does that taste like?