We Are All Californians Now.

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Threetango, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Warrior1256

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    That's right. The time for sectionalism is over. We are all in this together. That means standing shoulder to shoulder, a untied front.

  2. Cattledog

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    MMm. yeah I'm not a Californian, any more than im a new yorker or an Illinioi..Illinaite Illinoias...those dudes where Chicago is.

    I feel for em, I really do but my vote doesn't count in other state elections and my money is spent on pro 2nd lobbies in Oregon when the need arises. Like it or not, states rights are the backbone of our republic. They are the incubators of democracy. It's why we have them. Anyone who is serious about pulling cali from the edge would be actively recruiting as many NRA members as possible in their state and flooding their local representatives with the appropriate outrage. Hell, I'd send a letter to every one in Californias congress, were it not for the fact that they will immediately give zero rat asses when they see where I'm from.

    We are in this together, but some battles have to be fought up close and personal by those directly affected.
  3. sdiver35

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    I am also not a Californian. My ex was from California and wanted to move back, so she did. I however remained where I was and still enjoy my rights to 2A.
  4. jw2atech

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    After living in California for a time I came to find out that California (as the most populous state) is a proving ground for many types of legislation & especially anti-gun legislation.
    The NRA realizes this fully & they actually do give California special attention in order to stop anti second amendment laws from being passed.
    If anybody feels like laws in California could well effect them in the future, the possibility maybe slim but is certainly there.
    The single best thing you could to to help is just donate to the NRA, which I'm sure most of us do anyway.
  5. AR10

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    Join all the gun lobby groups you can, support them as much as you can.

    Send letters (my green signature print below is a link to do that for you)

    Get involved.