Wax on a matte finish barrel?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by chloeshooter, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. chloeshooter

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    Recently purchased a used Remington 700 with a black matte finish. I can tell the barrel is prone to rusting, and read several places that you can apply wax ( some say car wax, others suggest stuff like Johnson wax) to prevent further rusting and "waterproof" the metal.

    Is this nonsense? Would I be better off using CLP or Remoil? I hate the thought of using b.s. home remedies for such a nice rifle - but hey I'm all ears
  2. trip286

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    Gents, this is one of those threads that we should stick with the topic. A member has a legit question.

    OP, I'd use oil. But, wax is only wax. I wouldn't use something like a minwax wood finish, but maybe some bow string wax. To remove, heat and wipe. I have NO IDEA how it could react to the finish though. I know I've gotten some gnarly crap on guns and (hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, blood, mud, paint, food...) And never had much problem since I cleaned it off quickly.

    Here's an idea. Get a piece of carbon steel, such as a saw blade, cold blue it, wax it, and see what happens. It'll probably be safe.

  3. Blueguns

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    Yes, would use oil as well. (pardon my sidetracking earlier)