Watering Holes

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    I mean, if you want to keep it going that's on you. It's kind of like a fishing story, the fish gets bigger every time you tell it

    The reading I've done does not specifically stress or emphasize rest stops they're just one place on a list of places that are watering holes.

    Like I've said before I make it a habit to avoid places that I know are trouble.

    I want to be careful how I say this because I know I'm going to irritate somebody when I say it but I've noticed that there's a certain type of poster every gun forum (it's probably the same guy on all of them) that spends all his time trying to prove what a badass he is.

    That's not me. I've been in a couple of fights. They weren't fun and I consider myself to be very lucky there has been no legal involvement. I'm a firm believer that I'm better off avoiding a criminal conflict than winning one.
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    A couple of observations regarding comments by my fellow forum members. True, Massab Ayoob's not a lawyer, but if I found myself a defendant in a shooting incident, he's the guy I'd want on my side as an expert witness. Regarding a personal relief behind a tree instead of a rest stop. Someone sees you and reports to the police, you'll wind up on a sexual predator list, meaning your days of legally carrying a firearm are over, which will be the least of your problems.
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    Fishing story? No, sorry, nothing added.

    I find it a little curious when you said, “I want to be careful how I say this because I know I’m going to irritate somebody when I say...” So you acknowledge you are going to irritate (provoke) someone, yet you do not hesitate to do exactly that. Then you move on to explain that you avoid fights because of your past experiences (my words). My dear fellow, I hope you know that intentionally irritating or provoking is not the way to avoid (fights) conflict.
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    I'm not sure what to tell you there partner.

    There is a difference between trying to provoke someone and saying something true even if you know it's going to irritate some wanna be internet tough guy.
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