Water Leak Leads to Massive Marijuana Bust in Connecticut

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    :D Water Leak Leads to Massive Marijuana Bust in Connecticut
    Saturday , January 12, 2008

    Overwatering your plants is never a good idea, especially if they're illegal.

    Police were called to a three-family house in New Haven on Wednesday on a report of a water leak from a second floor apartment into the first floor. Firefighters responded to the apartment, where they say they found a large marijuana growing operation with a leaking watering system.

    State and local police returned with a search warrant Thursday and found more than 331 marijuana plants with a street value of about $1.6 million, police said.

    Mario J. Pena, 29, of New Haven, was arrested and charged with possessing marijuana with intent to sell, illegal cultivation of marijuana and operating a drug factory, state police said. He was being held on $1 million bond and appeared in court Friday. He did not enter a plea, court officials said. The public defender's office, which is representing Pena, declined comment.


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    Seriously dude, you need to look to less biased sources for your news.

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    cant them cops find something else to do lol